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Hi Tom!

I don't think I've ever been welcomed to a forum with such an energetic and enthusiastic manner.

That's great to hear about the UK sets.

If you're interested, the best deal I have found is at ASDA if you apply a 10% discount code. You can get TZ for little more than 30. That's a lot cheaper than my ex-gilfriend played for the US season 1 set last october.

Regarding that US set... I have a modified Momitsu BD player (and a PS3). I use the Momitsu for US discs, but I can't play one of the discs in the TZ set. My Momitsu needs an update, but if I apply the update, it will lose it's region free capabilities. As it stands I still haven't seen disc 3. Or it could be disc 5. I can't remember.

I was going to rip the disc and re-write on a blank blu-ray - probably one of the only ever instances of legitimate copying - but the blu-rays I bought weren't big enough, and 50gb blank ones are very expensive. I didn't want to buy one, then screw it up in the writing progress and have to buy another one.

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