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Default Zavvi News!

Hey kids!

You know how we've been trying to break into Zavvi stores...

Well from this Monday at any of the larger Zavvi stores (ex Virgin Megastores) you will find all 12 Shameless titles on sale for 8!

These should appear face-on in a 'deckchair' rack -that's the face-on racks you see at the end of an aisle which will be phenomenal exposure for us compared to elswehere.

This is a limited offer and will run for about a month but will allow you to fill gaps in your collection cheaply and bring fresh blood to the community.

It's not in truth a big oneymaker for us - it is valuable space and exposure. To that end we'd really appreciate anyone if they're in a Zavvi anytime over the next few weeks to check if we are being stocked and face on in a collection. If not we need to know - but remember if it's not a large ex-megastore we won't be there anyway.

And if anyone cares to take a picture of all 12 titles sitting together that would be cool!
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