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But if you want to know where my tastes spammed from - it was college with an album called Antichrist Superstar by a Marilyn Manson, then an album called Midian by a little band called Cradle Of Filth. Korn then came into the mix with Untouchable. Vary that with Slipknot. I then met a friend called Stephen who was a full on goth and he introduced me to Darkthrone. I couldn't get enough so I bought the 3 Darkthrone albums he had played me. I then went on holiday with my ex where I bought the box set PRINCE OF DARKNESS from Ozzy Osbourne and while at college I lent a Rammstein album called Mutter and decided to see them live so I bought all their albums all in one go so I wasn't missing out.

Then in 2007 was where I met Jaime and the rest of that story is above. Well he decided to go a bit strange and didn't want to know me anymore for some reason and on my journey was where I had joined up to Supernal Music which was a mail order service and from there I bought albums by Leviathan, Askieria and Gorgoroth. Jaime also introduced me to a band called Von Thronstahl and from there I don't think I will ever fall out of love with the music. At bit later I was introduced to Iron Maiden who I had heard of but had never heard an album so I bought all of them albums and now I have just been introduced to Motorhead as with Maiden I had heard of them but I had only heard of Ace Of Spades. That is where I am at now
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