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AOTPP is a strange one alright. Kudos as always A!!

The Angry Red Planet (IB Melchoir)

More scifi hokum from IBM . A lone survivor struggles to tell the tale of a seemingly failed space mission, whilst the viewer struggles to care about such ... if indeed this was meant to be anti communist propaganda, then line me up for 're education' sharpish, as these 4 represent the most hidebound traditionalism imaginable.
When the crew arrive at their destination finding no apparent life signs, they venture out into the unknown. Due to the screen being stained with tomato soup during these sequences, I cannot vouch for the 'reality' of this part ... but my tired peepers were sure glad when it ended . After fighting some rather shit looking puppets, they cut theit losses and head for home ...well, I won't spoil that bit. Decent enough print.

"... the days ahead will be filled with struggle ... and coated in marzipan ... "

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