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A brother an sister go to their new house to prepare for their parents return from the middle east where they are working. While trying to settle in there is a knock on the door from a Texan asking about a TV that was delivered by accident to the previous owners it could be a matter of life or death they just assume that the guy is mental and they pay no attention to his warning. They soon wish they took this warning serious when they find the TV and realise its a portal for the undead.

Im going to get straight to the point i love the Video Dead its fun and over the top stupidity. The undead look great and the fact that they seem to have a sense of humour is hilarious to me. There are lots of fun kills and great looking gore especially for such a low budget movie. The acting is not great but i liked all the characters they just seem to be having fun with it all.

Cant talk about these movie without mentioning that amazing poster always has been one of my favourites and there is such a great soundtrack shame there is no release of it.

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