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Whereas Troll 2 is a prime Italian cheese fest. Ahem.

FF double bill.

Followed (2018, Antoine Le)

Youtuber cajoles his inner circle to stay over Halloween at a haunted hotel.
He's an arse, so couldn't wait to see him get his. Sadly it goes all Korean (US flick cough) for a bit and the final reveal was under ... whelming to say the least.

Death Of A Vlogger (2019, Graham Hughes)

Maryhill bound (hmm, they flats look awfy familiar ...) for a recap of a tale of twisty turny folk.
YT folk seem kinda needy tbh. This one likes pranks, so when a seemingly authentic event is captured by accident, a new horizon beckons ... or does it?
Needlessly convoluted mair like ken?
Ghostwatch was fun, but jist do yir ain thing mannie ahem.

"... the days ahead will be filled with struggle ... and coated in marzipan ... "
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