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Originally Posted by Justin101 View Post
Mildly infuriating rant alert

I put my Jean Rollin 4k discs next to each other to pack away and noticed that the first two boxes (Shiver and Orphan) are around 5mm taller than the second two boxes (Rape and Hunted). The booklet and the digipaks are also taller. If I were to put them in numerical order it'd be up down up down

I think the fault was with the first batch of releases - notice the titles and logos don't line up on the digipaks and booklets but they do on the second set. Strangely, if you turn them round and stand them on a shelf all the numbers, titles and logos line up perfectly on the spine, despite the boxes being smaller on the second set of releases. At least they do for the two I tried which was Shiver of the Vampires and The Rape of the Vampire - I don't have Two Orphan Vampires.
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