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Star Wars for me was the film that made me a Geek, Everything from the lightsabers to the ewoks totally captured my imagination and they are still tops in my fave films. I agree with wayfarer about the wholly unnecessary Prequels and how they did take the good name of the original 3 and turn star wars into a sort of laughing stock, this is all down to George Lucas, the man has incredible trouble writing dialogue, his over use of CGI and the fact that he's not actually a very good director. Take the original three...sure he wrote and directed A New Hope but for Empire and Jedi he passed the reins onto more accomplished writers and directors. Why he didn't do this for eps 1 2 + 3 is mind boggling, but still, every time I here John Williams' opening score, i get excited like a small child at anything star wars related....

and yes Jar Jar does indeed make the Ewoks looks like ****ing Shaft!!
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