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Justin101 26th September 2012 02:52 PM

You can't pick up many Blu-Ray discs for that price! I'll let you know what I think of the movie, might stick it on tonight.

Demdike@Cult Labs 26th September 2012 03:07 PM


Originally Posted by Justin101 (Post 275840)
I picked up Scream 4 blu from CEX for 3.50, never seen it before, but worth a punt for less money than a Latte and a Cake!

Possibly not as good though. ;)

I can't comment really as i haven't seen it yet, its sat on my "to watch" pile.

PaulD 26th September 2012 03:16 PM

That's a great price for that film. It's not great but a lot better than the third. I was glad when I picked up the DVD in a charity shop for 2.00

platostotal 26th September 2012 04:36 PM

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Skint or not, had to grab these 2.

demonknight 26th September 2012 04:42 PM

Pre ordered the Texas chainsaw massacre 2 bluray/dvd combo with t-shirt from

The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 26th September 2012 05:19 PM

Picked up LADY SNOWBLOOD yesterday.
I went for the reversible Amaray.:nod:
15 in HMV.Not bad.

Also grabbed WALKABOUT whilst on walkabout at the weekend which features a very nice reversible cover.
Nice to see it Universal,let's hope it's not the last!

The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 26th September 2012 05:21 PM

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Oh and these arrived today....:cool:

The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 26th September 2012 05:22 PM

The SHOUT factory discs of Halloween II and III are excellent!

I watched the TV version of Halloween II-:lol: No violence and a reedited happy ending!:shocked:

Hawkmonger 26th September 2012 05:23 PM

Yeah, my Bava Kino/ Redemption BD's arrived this morning also. Also the 88 Film grindhouse title's. Apparently there next title is Necropolis. That should be a laugh.:pound:

The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 26th September 2012 05:24 PM


Originally Posted by Nosferatu@Cult Labs (Post 275732) have shipped by order of The Terminator Exclusive Steelbook it should be interesting to see how this compares to the American BD.

I didn't realize they were so limited and it cost me 40 odd quid from an ebay seller!
I hope they plan on shipping it soon!

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