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MrBarlow 13th August 2022 03:40 PM

You can't go wrong with the Dirty Harry movies Justin enjoy :pop2::pop2:

Demdike@Cult Labs 13th August 2022 04:09 PM

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This weeks new arrivals.

J Harker 13th August 2022 11:00 PM


Originally Posted by Justin101 (Post 674772)
So some were having a little chat about Dirty Harry yesterday and Iíve never seen it before! I knew the set was in CEX so I went to get it this morning, going to start watching soon :)

They had the limited Howling 4k for £20 and Iíve wanted it for ages but didnít want to pay £40 for a new one lol.

I'd only ever seen the original Dirty Harry, an absolute classic film. I bought the blu set about 8 years ago and am ashamed to say I've still only watched the first two. The second was fun but lacked the dirt and grime of the original.
As for The Howling, I have a really irritating urge to get the restored blu even though I've watched the film numerous times and been disappointed every single one of them.

Justin101 16th August 2022 04:32 PM

This has finally arrived from WowHD after more than 4 weeks it ended up being out of stock when I ordered it!!

Got to love those trashy made for American VHS films Larraz did in the late 80s.

gag 17th August 2022 01:11 PM

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Tbh I havenít really bought anything,
But I did buy Ghost of Tsushima from cash converters for £17 at that price I couldnít say no.
And Roaring currents cex blu ray £3.

gag 20th August 2022 11:53 AM

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Went carboot this morn, it was empty hardly one selling, bought these films all 50p each. Been yrs since seen twisted nerve a great under rated gem.

Nosferatu@Cult Labs 20th August 2022 03:17 PM

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From Music Magpie and Second Sight:

Demdike@Cult Labs 20th August 2022 07:59 PM

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This weeks new arrivals. Very kind of Mr.Barlow to send me the Arnie set that he wanted rid of.

Nosferatu@Cult Labs 21st August 2022 12:34 PM

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From Second Sight and Music Magpie:

(I forgot to include Under the Shadow in my previous post.)

iank 22nd August 2022 12:37 AM


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