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vincenzo 2nd April 2008 09:38 PM


Originally Posted by reaper72 (Post 2072)
I've got this vince m8,the print ain't much better than Vipco's,but it's fully uncut....

Wow I didn't know that, Reaper. I haven't seen this version but I was told it was a direct port of the cut Vipco release (minus the head drilling).

Angel 3rd April 2008 06:15 AM

Yes I'm surprised too.

ecc 3rd April 2008 08:12 AM

I love how the anthropologist relates mysterious events that have happened in the exacts spots where they have stopped - with gory flashbacks attributing the incidents to the beast - and then he says "Okay, let's get some sleep now."

Peter Neal 3rd April 2008 05:06 PM

Very true!:jest:

Thinking of this, it's somewhat amazing how some censors completely seem to miss out on the humour (intentional or not:D) these flicks provided.:p

Well, nowadays I'd assume they're a lot more open to regard our faved cheapo exploiters for what they least in the case of the BBFC.

Ah, yes! Not to forget: Put me down for a copy of "Night of the Demon" on a yellow Shameless disc, too!!!!!!:popcorn:

The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 3rd April 2008 07:17 PM

iT'S A MUST ALMAR..........WE'RE ALL DESPERATE :headbang::box::cuss:

Almar@Cult Labs 4th April 2008 08:09 PM

Some heartfelt stuff here guys. The challenge now is to get some more people along here to stake their interest. The more people the more I can argue the case to the guy holding the purse-strings!

The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 7th April 2008 06:29 PM

Ask mr morris how DEATH SHIP sold m8,the demand for that was immense,but would be dwarfed in comparison to NOTD...;)

kevxxx1 10th April 2008 06:00 PM

A Vote For Night Of The Demon
I would like to vote to see Night of the Demon released.

The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 10th April 2008 08:00 PM

Get it on the poll mate,;)Another good guy from abuk,welcome aboard mate:)

kevxxx1 10th April 2008 08:42 PM

Cheers mate :)

P.S. Where do I find the poll?

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