Time Out Magazine sees echos of the current French policy against the Roma people in their review of THE HORDE. Read it HERE

MARK ADAMS from The Daily Mirror seems to like the movie

“Smashing zombie heads into a wall or fridge door can only have a positive effect of the gore loving viewer.” says CINETALK.TV


One of the things that reviewers are picking up on is the movies use of Hand-to-Hand combat against the infected horde of Zombies. An unusual choice in a genre where a bite normally means doom for the victim. Setting the film in the close confines of apartments and residential corridors means the monsters really are up close and personal, leading to some breathtalking scraps. I suppose the characters lend themselves to the kind of suicidal action that takes place in the movie. Macho cops and psychopathic criminals tend to be fairly foolhardy on film.

Here’s a clip that shows some of the fist-flying action…




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