Well I’ll Be Van Dammed!

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s edition of the Cult Labs newsletter! There’s just a few more hours left until you can pop your feet up and enjoy the sunshine over the weekend.  If you have visited the Cult Labs’ forum this week, you would have noticed that we’ve given it a very special makeover! To celebrate the release of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s newest action film, Enemies Closer the forum has been turned into the Van Damme Labs for one week only! So, make like Van Damme and split on over there!

A Big Shameless Announcement!

For all those who love Shameless Screen Entertainment (and which cult film buff doesn’t?!) keep your eyes on the Cult Labs forum this lunchtime for a very exciting announcement. Shameless fans based in London are in for a fantastic treat. Until lunchtime, my lips are sealed!

The Best Of The Forum

This week has been another great busy ol’ week on the Labs. With so much going on, it’s easy to loose track of some of the best discussions. So take a look at some of these top threads…

  • The Future Of Cinema – What do you think the future has in store for film? Come and chat about what you think will be the next big thing after the Blu-ray. Imagine a world of virtual reality movies! It’ll be like living in Videodrome!
  • Black Metal - Welcome To Hell! Head here if you’re a self-confessed metalhead who likes your music dark, evil and twisted. Chat about your fave Black Metal bands and you may find yourself in League With Satan…
  • Witches, Warlocks and Free Love – From wicked witches to gothic ladies, strip naked and dance around the cauldron in this witchy thread, created by (who else but) Make Them Die Slowly!
  • And Now For Something Completly Different… - If you’re a big Python freak be sure to check out this thread and discuss your thoughts on the hillarious Monty Python (Live) show! What was your favourite part? Where did you see it?

Well, until next week, take care and keep the Cult alive!

Come and follow the Cult Labs’ Twitter page. Drop us a tweet ( @CultLabs ) and join in the chit-chat. We really do love to hear from you and what you’re watching!

Kyle (Iluvdvds)


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