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Default Budget projector for screening.

Sanyo PLC XU41.

I'd recommend this to anybody on a budget who wants to experience the big screen.

Excuse the Crapberry pics! They seem to dull the image a little. It is a lot sharper also

Pic is about the width of a 3 seater sofa with the projector rough;y 12ft from the wall.

The Thang dvd

ShawScope from dvd

Rolling Thunder fan dvd(original source was vhs)

Marc's Fan dvd

VHS source

This is a great machine which gives a very good picture. I've also had Sky Sports football and motorcycle racing running through it which again gives very impressive results. I'm sure the newer HD machines will blow this out the water.But so will the price!

If your on a serious budget or very apprehensive about blowing 500-600 quid as a first timer i'd recommend these. Mine cost 120 i think but it is in excellent condition. They can be found for well under 100 via ebay. I'd guess that the could pic one of these up, run it for a while and if you find you want to upgrade, still get your money back on ebay.
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