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Frankenhooker 27th September 2015 12:22 PM

Picked up seasons 1-4 of The Walking Dead, it cost me 12.99 after cashing in some pure points for store discount. Despite being a fan of the zombie subgenre, I'm yet to watch a single episode.

I also bought Watchmen, Election and The 51st State in Poundland.

dis 27th September 2015 03:00 PM

hi guys,just brought ABCs of death 1 and 2,youre next and Saturday morning massacre.
none watched yet.

Sam 27th September 2015 08:55 PM

Bought 'Split Second' (101 blu ray) and 'Robin Redbreast' (BFI dvd) from Fopp, 8 for the 2

sjconstable 27th September 2015 10:10 PM


Originally Posted by keirarts (Post 462833)
2 in Scope.

Attachment 170468

When I was about 5, me and my friend used to put the trailer on for that which was on the TMNT VHS (same director) and dance around the room like crazy :dance:

keirarts 28th September 2015 07:20 AM

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Started getting stuff off due to it not showing up on

Attachment 170491 Attachment 170492

Also this is around a fiver on uk's site.

Attachment 170493

trebor8273 28th September 2015 09:20 AM

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Attachment 170501

keirarts 28th September 2015 09:59 AM

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Lord of Strange Deaths | Strange Attractor

Attachment 170502

ltd to 500 copies. Various authors tackling Sax Rohmer

J Harker 28th September 2015 10:34 AM

Picked up Blastfighter blu in HMV this morning. 8.99

Demoncrat 28th September 2015 10:54 AM

My Two Orphan Vampires blu came friday. Still waiting for me Countess Perverse!! Today hopefully......:pray:

Also picked up all 3 series of Bottom, 3.

Buboven 28th September 2015 04:14 PM

Deos anyone have the Optimum 2010 Blu-ray release of peeping Tom, just ordered off amazon but seen some complaints about a over-DNR'd remastering job for this edition.

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