Happy Friday!

It’s Friday, Friday, got to get down on Friday. Please tell me I didn’t just start this newsletter with that song…

Luckily this week’s great Cult Labs news will redeem that, with a fantastic cult film festival tonight and a so-bad-it’s-genius release this coming Monday.

Brighton Gets Shameless

If you’re based in the Brighton area, here’s a special event that you really won’t want to miss out on. The sun may not be shining today, but Shameless are here to brighten things up and some sleazy yellow fun. Tonight at 11:30pm, Brighton’s Cine-City Cinema will be showing Shameless Screen Entertainment’s release of the flamboyant sci-fi film staring Ursula Andress, The 10th Victim. For all the details on tonight’s big event, just head over to for all the information.

Holy Shark On A Blu-Ray!

Sharknado and it’s crazy sequel Sharknado 2 may be the most well-known ‘cult’ movies in recent years. Constantly trending on Twitter, the Sharknado films blew up as people fell in love with it’s so-bad-it’s-great fun, laugh out loud effects, outrageous kills and a totally bonkers plot. This is a film that will become a cult classic in years to come. Make sure you add the film to you Blu-ray collection by pre-ordering the Blu-ray today from

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