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Happy Friday, Cult Labbers. There’s now only 2 more days until the first door on the advent calendar opens and a tiny chocolate elf pops out, reminding you that the stress has only just begun. So, forget about your worries for a few minutes with this week’s newsletter…

Shameless Short Film

A couple of weeks ago, Shameless sponsored Leed’s awesome horror film festival, best known as the Fanomenom Night Of The Dead XIV. With a marathon of great cult horror classics, the night also included several incredible new short horror films. Well, Shameless ladies and gents, we’re very pleased to announce that the lucky winner of this short film contest is James Bushe’s Cannibals and Carpet Fitters! Not only did the winner get himself the complete Shameless catalogue of releases as well as a special award, but this new short film will be featured on an upcoming Shameless release. Keep your eyes out for that one!

Who knows, there may be more fan-made films appearing on Shameless releases in the future. Get creative and make yourself a Shameless-style short film! It may even end up on a future Shameless DVD.

Holy Shark On A Blu-Ray!

Sharknado and it’s crazy sequel Sharknado 2 may be the most well-known ‘cult’ movies in recent years. Constantly trending on Twitter, the Sharknado films blew up as people fell in love with it’s so-bad-it’s-great fun, laugh out loud effects, outrageous kills and a totally bonkers plot. This is a film that will become a cult classic in years to come. Make sure you add the film to you Blu-ray collection – out now and available from

The Truth Is Out There And It’s Coming Soon…

Way back in 1980, one of the strangest UFO incidents of all time happened in the UK. Known as the British Roswell, a strange alien spacecraft landed in Suffolk’s Rendlesham Forest and is one of the most documented ‘invasions’, with military and cops all witnessing the strange alien landing. Ever since there has been a lot of mystery and intrigue in this possible other-worldly visitation to the UK. Now, a brand new British horror film comes our way, based on this infamous landing. Aptly titled The Rendlesham UFO Incident, be sure to ‘like’ the film’s new official Facebook page for plenty of UK alien activity coming soon.

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