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oaxaca 5th November 2011 04:32 PM


Originally Posted by Baseball Fury (Post 195489)
My copies of M and Sunrise just arrived. I only ordered them yesterday at 1pm! Unbelievable service from Eureka.

Yeah Eureka have the best service in town!

Stephen@Cult Labs 5th November 2011 04:48 PM


Originally Posted by PaulD (Post 195558)

I had the US release, but sold it after I found out the Dutch version had the rather nice original US theatrical artwork.

keirarts 5th November 2011 05:12 PM

Axel have posted my severin HORROR EXPRESS!!!

:woot::woot::woot::woot: Finally!

As a bonus some nice people are selling the santa sangre blu-ray on amazon for 13.49 so I decided to treat myself (I already own the 2-disc dvd and the jodorowsky boxset.)

mercury 5th November 2011 06:17 PM

For A Few Dollars More

piraterob 5th November 2011 08:39 PM

got these based on the best films of decade threads so if they suck its all your fault :)

smash cut
rec 1 and 2
embodiment of evil
machine girl
dead snow
mum and dad
laid to rest

dream demon 5th November 2011 10:24 PM


Originally Posted by PaulD (Post 195557)
Bought blurays of:

The Omega Man
The Brave One
Return to the House on Haunted Hill

from That's Entertainment as part of their 2 for 5 offer (4th item was a cd)

All brand new too - love that shop!

Yeah, I picked up -

Return To House On Haunted Hill
The Brave One
The Omega Man
Seconds Apart
Fertile Ground
The Fugitive
The Promise
The Experiment


Never thought a couple of years ago I'd be picking up BDs now for only 2.50! Enjoyed Return To House On Haunted Hill a lot more than I thought I would, and Omega Man looks great in HD. The Brave One is also a very good film, but haven't had time to watch the others yet. :pop2:


Originally Posted by piraterob (Post 195618)
got these based on the best films of decade threads so if they suck its all your fault :)

smash cut
rec 1 and 2
embodiment of evil
machine girl
dead snow
mum and dad
laid to rest

Personally I didn't think much of Smash Cut, although David Hess was good. Rec 1 and 2 are in my 'too watch' pile, but have heard nothing but praise for them so looking forward to giving them a spin. Dead Snow is brilliant!

Slippery Jack 6th November 2011 09:13 AM

After a dvd-less trip into London yesterday afternoon, I had a mini purchasing splurge in the evening:

Quatermass and the Pit BD (only just spotted what a decent selection of extras are included!)

Farewell (been wanting to see this since it came out - love me a bit of Cold War espionage, and lovefilm don't have it on their site for some reason.)

Touch of Evil BD hmv exclusive steelbook pre order.

Rik 6th November 2011 12:07 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Just won this on eBay for a bargain price of 2.04, delivered. And it's brand new & sealed
Attachment 27460

"They all float down here, they allll floaaaattt!!!"

darthelvis 6th November 2011 02:50 PM

Having recently watched Dennis Leary on Inside the Actors Studio and the build up to Christmas I picked up The Ref aka Hostile Hostages from amazon for under 4.

Having seen it in years but used to love it. You can't beat a Leary ranty monologue!

Prince_Vajda 6th November 2011 09:13 PM

Today's orders...


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