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gag 7th April 2018 11:48 PM

So far I've enjoyed all these films

Susan Foreman 24th April 2018 07:51 AM

More Marvel nonsense!

Justin101 24th April 2018 08:29 AM

I reckon that looks pretty entertaining!

Rik 24th April 2018 08:36 AM

Me too, hopefully itíll be a 15 like Deadpool

Nosferatu@Cult Labs 24th April 2018 08:52 AM


Originally Posted by Susan Foreman (Post 573487)


Originally Posted by Justin101 (Post 573488)
I reckon that looks pretty entertaining!


Originally Posted by Rik (Post 573489)
Me too, hopefully itíll be a 15 like Deadpool

Count me in as someone who is also pleasantly intrigued by that trailer. It looks suitably dark (aesthetically as well as dramatically) and very different, and hopefully superior, to the Eddie Brock character in Spider-Man 3.

Justin101 27th April 2018 07:31 AM

I definitely intrigued by the new version of Suspiria and this article on Bloody Disgusting has ramped that interest up a notch too.

"Very Gruesome, Hard to Watch" First Clip from 'Suspiria' Remake Shown at CinemaCon - Bloody Disgusting

Obviously, to enjoy it you'll have to get past the fact it's a remake of a highly regarded film and view it on its own merits. However, it has a good cast and a great director so lets see!

gag 27th April 2018 08:26 AM

Well here a teaser trailer for it

Justin101 27th April 2018 08:41 AM

That's a fan trailer, pretty good but it doesn't have any actual footage in it!
Since that clip has been shown at a film festival this week I expect that a legit trailer will be coming very soon :D

Rik 27th April 2018 08:42 AM

Thatís a fan made trailer, which is probably why it looks like an advert for Bodyform :lol:

bleakshaun 27th April 2018 08:46 AM

I'm only intrigued by the fact Thom Yorke is doing the soundtrack

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