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Stephen@Cult Labs 1st January 2010 09:06 PM

The Doctor Who Thread
Anyone catch the final episodes of David Tennants tenure as the doctor and what did you think about it? Live up to expectations? or a pile of old rubbish? I personally thought it was ok but nothing special.A lot of speculation going on by people before it was aired,myself included,which never happened.And what does everyone think of the next doctor,Matt Smith? I realize we only saw him for about a minute and there is a promo online for the new series in the spring but I just can't see him being as popular as Tennant,He even sounded like a bit of a wet blanket in the scene at the end of the episode.I can see Doctor Who ending up on CBBC with the sarah Jane Adventures :lol:

vincenzo 1st January 2010 09:33 PM

Singularly unimpressed, as I have been with the return of Dr Who in general.

It started to descend into the 'guest star/bad script' days of the 80's within a few months of the series returning, and I can't see this changing much in the future.

Stephen@Cult Labs 1st January 2010 09:40 PM

It's been a good run in general for the new series I think.Younger viewers wouldn't touch the older Doctor Who episodes with the proverbial bargepole but new Who does lack the punch that old Who packed.I do prefer the oldr stories over a period of episodes instead of the newer self contained stories and while David Tennant has,imo been a fantastic doctor,for me Tom Baker will always be No1,folloewd by John Pertwee.

vincenzo 1st January 2010 09:46 PM

I can't say I've enjoyed any of the Tennant stories, and would rate him among the worst Doctors of all time (along with McCoy & Colin Baker). Chris Eccleston was excellent to begin with but the mediocrity of the scripts soon became apparent.

William Hartnell is my favourite, followed by Jon Pertwee. Tom Baker and (the sadly mostly missing) Patrick Troughton come in as joint 3rd.

I'd like to have seen more of Paul McGann. A shame he only did the TV movie.

Stephen@Cult Labs 1st January 2010 09:59 PM

I liked Tennant a hell of a lot better than Colin baker or Sylvester McCoy.The Trial Of A Timelord with CB was an underrated story.I really wished there was a regeneration with McGann at the beginning of the Eccleston era an would liked to have seen more of him,I enjoyed the tv movie a lot and though Eric Roberts made a good Master.That was one of the rumours about The End Of Time,that perhaps McGann would appear as his doctor was part of the time war but alas it never happened.

vincenzo 1st January 2010 10:18 PM

Yes the McGann/Eccleston regeneration was never really explained alas. McGann showed real promise as the Doctor and it's a shame it only lasted for one film.

My ideal choices for the Doctor & Master would be Bill Nighy & Alan Rickman. It'll never happen but it's worth imagining. :cool:

42ndStreetFreak 2nd January 2010 12:23 AM

Not really a fan of new "Dr Who". And I hate all the SHOUTING and running, and running while SHOUTING.

This AAAAAGAAGAGAHAHAHAGAGAGGGAAGGGGAAAHHHHH attitude reached farcical levels in this last episode when the simple regeneration process suddenly becomes an explosion in a nuclear firework factory!
This one was so bad it almost blew the ****ing TARDIS apart!! WTF!

I did like the back story reveal on The Master and why he really went nutty. Very clever little plot point after all these decades.

The story was too hard for most kids to follow I think (my 5 year old Daughter, BIG Dalek fan, was lost) and when added to the (nicely done actually) darker aspect of The Doctor being so emotionally worn down by his centuries of flight, loss and battle...means "Dr Who" has really become a teen show today at least.

Can't beat a bit of Pertwee or prime Baker though.

DeadAlive 2nd January 2010 10:15 AM

After all the talk about how emotional this final episode was meant to be I found it rather hollow and boring. Most of the last 15 minutes were pretty cringeworthy with all those "guest" appearances. The only person I could see getting emotional was David Tennant himself. My daughter loves Tennant as the Doctor and her fist look at Matt Smith was met with an "Oh no!", but she has no real experience of the classic Doctors, who for me were Troughton, Pertwee and Tom Baker. Colin Baker had some good moments too and as Vincenzo said, Eccleston started off well, but he had no intention of staying past the first series. We'll have to see how this goes in the spring with a new Doctor and a new writer/producer, but I'm not rasing my hopes up too high.

vincenzo 2nd January 2010 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by 42ndStreetFreak (Post 55718)
Can't beat a bit of Pertwee or prime Baker though.

Hear, hear. Throw some early Hartnell into the mix and you get TV Heaven. :cool:

Stephen@Cult Labs 2nd January 2010 04:54 PM

I sold all of my Doctor Who dvds recently,over 40 of them,a lot of Tom Baker and Pertwee stories and now I'm seriously regretting it.Damn this stupid credit crunch :lol:

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