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Rant On Lionsgate

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Posted 13th May 2010 at 10:35 AM by Bringer Of Funerals

The "Saw" series, it never ends, the original steals a lot from "The Abonimable Dr Phibes" a much better movie and the endless sequels lose the supposed wit the series is unjustly famous for, its other over-rated merit is the fairly restrained gore which another tame turd Lionsgate released is also unjustly famous for (Hostel), every damn year I have to put up with people getting all excited over nothing because there's a new "Saw" sequel as if its going to be good, let the f**king thing die already, I gave up after three and nearly didn't bother going that far but its ridiculous to think the series has any justification to continue umpteen sequels after the killers death other than finacial gain, then we get Zone Horror (can't believe I bother checking in on them every now and then) promoting "Saw" (insert newest number) as film of the month, what b******ks! When Lionsgate finally do get their hands on a halfway decent gore film like "Murder Set Pieces" they trim some 23 minutes out of it incase it goes too far, and this coming from a company who call themselves one of the boldest and most controversial in the business, the film has nothing but gore to offer so why cut the gore out?

When not upsetting me in the above ways Lionsgate likes to have a hand in destroying horror through the nurturing of Rob Zombie and Tarantino's bedroom buddy Eli Roth, helping assist the former with a "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" rip-off which is still cut by about 19 minutes so as not to upset anyone and the latter with a film that greatly borrows from "Bloodsucking Freaks" which Roth done an audio commentary on for no reason other than to give the game away regarding his robbery, of course since its Lionsgate both films were given sequels (surprise surprise!).

Every now and then Lionsgate does get its hands on a classic and in all fairness one can't fowl up too bad putting out a cult favourite, they released both "My Bloody Valentine" and "Slaughter High" in uncut never before seen versions which was nice but no UK release, come on! At least with MBV we all know the uncut version would've sold well, still the uncut disc does have one thing that really iritates me, the documentary, okay I should be grateful to have special features but this one twenty minute long feature spends about half the running time promoting and discussing the remake telling us why its so revolutionary and why true fans need to see it, as a true fan I want documentaries on the film I'm actually buying, wasn't enduring the remake trailer which you can't skip enough? Also what makes them think they can trick me into thinking a poor "reimaging" as they call them these days with a silly 3D gimmick is what fans of the original were waiting for, all we wanted was the unrated original, you gave us it, for once I would've thought well of Lionsagate had they not been so forceful and condescending.

Did you know Lionsgate made "Return of the Living Dead" parts four and five, seeing as how two and three went I was actually looking forward to more sequels for once but at the time I couldn't import so waited on a UK release, had I not gotten a multi-regional player I'd still be waiting half a decade later! Still that might not be such a bad thing because guess what, as usual Lionsgate f**ked up and gave us generic zombie teen fodder "Resident Evil" style, and thats just number four, five gets so much worse its unbelievable!

Does anyone remember those serial killer films Tartan Video put out a good few years back, the chuck Parello type stuff, I do, not the best horror had to offer but fairly entertaining, well Lionsgate also have a line of serial killer films, only problem is they suck! My friend says the one on Dahmer is horrible and much worse than the "BTK" film which I know from personal experience to be quite bland. Granted no serial killer based film seems to match "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" but at least the Parello films were interesting.

All in all I'm not foolish enough to boycott Lionsgate entirely and know that every once in a while they don't do too bad but generally they are my least liked company and in my opinion are doing much more harm than good, in all fairness I found no flaws with the DVD's of and quite liked both "Slaughter High" and "Smash Cut" the latter of which actually was given a UK release, okay rant over
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    pedromonkey's Avatar
    interesting rant, i only have a few gripes, first off Lionsgate are not a film studio they're a distribution company, everything they release is aquired through sales and marketing. The cuts to gore is usally due to either the MPAA or the BBFC, Second, hostel was released by Sony Picture not lionsgate and Rob zombies first film was dropped by universal after the film was made, so Lionsgate picked up the distribution rights. I agree that the serial killer films are utter ass but as i said, they didn't make them they only distribute them. The Hurt Locker was handled by Lionsgate UK in britain and that was a powerful multi oscar winning film.

    They work alot like Dimension pictures do, they distribute genre pictures financed by either the Wienstien company or Miramax or independently produced films bought by the former and the latter companys.

    Sorry dude thats just my 2 cents. i like to encourage lionsgate because they are a relatively new company (formed in 1995) and they're giving younger new filmakers a helping hand in releasing their films. Murder-Set-Pieces was released in selected theaters in america with an uncut NC-17 rating and on dvd in an R rating to get a wider audience it has subsequently been release in an uncut and R rated dvd, the uncut is still short as it is more a directors cut because scenes that were removed were to be removed during the editing process anyway...
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    Posted 14th May 2010 at 12:02 AM by pedromonkey pedromonkey is offline
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    Peter Neal's Avatar
    Each is entitled to their own view on horror, but I happen to like most of the stuff Lionsgate has put out over the course of the last decade
    The thing long term horror fans like to forget when they rant about modern mainstream horror is that "we" (us who grew up with 70's-80's genre flicks) are NOT the main target group, hence those films catering to different tastes and demands than "ours".
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    Posted 15th May 2010 at 08:49 AM by Peter Neal Peter Neal is offline
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