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Happening on Go-Go Street

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Posted 18th June 2010 at 05:01 PM by Sam@Cult Labs
Updated 19th June 2010 at 07:05 PM by Sam@Cult Labs

Year: 1967

AKA: Sizzle on Go-Go Street / Freak Out on Go-Go Street / Terror of the Acid Ghouls / Long Hair Shakedown

Tagline: "Even the Cops Let Their Freak Flags Fly!"

Hal strikes again, cashing in cluelessly on the prevailing youth trends and in the process producing one of the most demented of the late 60s Acid-Sploitation flicks. This is a movie that packs enough oil light effects, psychedelic trip sequences and happening beat combos into it's 80 minutes running time to make the average viewer wonder if their drinks have been spiked.

Hal was no lover of the flower children; A staunch Republican who thought hippies should have their heads shaved in public, he also believed in mandatory deployment of long hairs to Vietnam. Nevertheless. he had no compunction in crafting a series of Flower Power epics that shifted tickets in Mid-Western Drive-ins where the local kids still thought smoking Banana Skins got you baked.

Happening on Go-Go Street follows the adventures of a tight gang of loved-up star children as they drift beatifically through the sometimes greasy night life of Go-Go Street, the youth capital of the world.

Hack Jackson - Makin' the scene in Happening on Go-Go Street

Their leader is Quicksilver Jones (Hack Jackson - Doom of the Eagle / The Naked Adventures of Florence Nightingale), a clued up street kid turned away from crime by a laced sugar cube. He makes the scene. He's one far out cat who knows how to take care of his own. He solves problems with a reefer not a gun and his old lady is Owl Girl (Flora Grift - Space Truck Connection / Last Night at the Murder Disco), a mute Jewish Princess who abbors clothes.

Hep queer Dexi Joe (Lance Dowel - The Secret of the Werefrog / The Erotic Adventures of Lassie) provides the juice to beat the night, runaway teen siren Tiger Lily (Sheena Greenslade - Asia: One Bed at a Time / Quiet, Daddies Sleeping...) is a beautiful naif with a dark secret and Cracked Harry (Alfonso Mack - Tight Pants, Loose Change / Grabbed, Gagged, Bagged) is a Hells Angel turned Acid Mystic who teaches them all the meaning of LOVE.

When the Cops show up to bust a gig by The Green Tangerines, Quicksilver Jones is all like "Hey Man, What's Your Bag?" and he and his gang of beautiful people decide to fight City Hall armed only with flowers, good vibes and a head full of Owsley.

Flora Grift (Owl Girl) - Promo still from Happening on Go-Go Street

Soon, Go-Go Street is alive with Lysergic Rock 'n' Roll music, the air is heady with Mary-Jane and the road is blocked by body painted, naked girls. The cops surge forward to break up the protest, when suddenly Dexi Joe and Owl Girl break open the fire hydrants. It turns out Cracked Harry has spiked the city water with LSD and now the cops have seen the light...

With exceptional footage of comtemporary Acid Rock bands, including the rarely captured Dr. Mongoose and a Golden Gate Park Love-in Montage featuring the heavy doped-up vibes of No Rhyme For Orange, an obvious pro-drugs bias and acres of rambling 60s myticism, Happening on Go-Go Street captures the times brilliantly. It's hard to believe that such a celebratory movie could have come from the mind of a man who shot one of the Hippy extras in the foot for missing a cue.

HACK JACKSON - Selected Filmography

1958 Kid Rocket - Space Corps (TV Show)

1960 The Street Pirates

1966 Hog Ride to Hades

1967 Happening on Go-Go Street

1967 Doom of the Eagle

1968 Moon Unit Alpha Station

1968 Pork!

1969 "I'm a Hippy for the FBI"

1970 Undercover Alligator

1970 They Call Me Slice

1971 The Naked Adventures of Florence Nightingale

1972 Backwards to Alaska

1973 Grope Police

1973 Can a Monkey Teach French?

1974 Rock n Roll Law School

1975 Vampire Night Shift

1976 Gunsmoke Gorilla

1977 Vigilante Vixens Meet The Pope

1979* Murder on Golden Pond

* Hal Jackson quit acting to sell real estate in Argentina.
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