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Hey Daddy-O! Don't Jive Me

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Posted 20th June 2010 at 07:22 PM by Sam@Cult Labs
Updated 7th September 2011 at 12:11 AM by Sam@Cult Labs

Year: 1959

AKA: The Bongo Murders / Beatnik Blast-Off

Tagline: "Squares, Straights and Cops need not apply!"

Hal Manciano had the accendent Beatnik culture firmily in his sights when he churned out Jazz-Poetry, Black Coffee and Murder quickie 'Hey Daddy-O! Don't Jive Me". A grimy story of Reefer, Scat Jazz, Rollnecks and Rumbles, the film proved a big draw in small town Drive-ins, where the flipped out, crazy sounds of the Bongo and the existential Beat-Poetry of the films Hero, Zoot Congo (Boast Fairchild - Kneel & Tremble / Red Nails, Blank Cheques / Big Chief Love Totem) wowed a generation of small town kids, hungry for news of the outside world.

Boast Fairchild - Unused snap from the photo shoot for his 1961 album
"The Meloncholy Moods of Boast Fairchild"

Manciano had little time for the Beats, describing Allen Ginsberg as "That two-faced little fruit" and the novels of Jack Kerouac as "Diarrhea for the eyes" although he enjoyed the company of William Burroughs on more than one occasion, leading to rumours that he was to direct a version of The Naked Lunch on ice.

The films barebones plot, designed only to link a series of crazy Bongo Frug-outs, wildly inaccurate Reefer outrages and back alley knife duels, sees Zoot Congo attempting to break into the East Side Poetry scene only to find himself inplicated in the murder of Bobby Plimsolls, the owner of The Wig Coffee Bar, epicentre of the shady world of the Beatniks, were free love and Free Jazz collides with the criminal underbelly of the big, bad city.

Love interest comes courtesy of Florida Jones (Kathy Bluster - Two Days to Matricide / The Love Cravers / Red Light Girls Meet the Invisible Man) , a rich uptown Jewess with a taste for artistic squalor. Can she throw of the shackles off her repressive upbringing and learn to get loose? Or will her naivety and trust fund lead her to a sticky end?

Kathy Bluster - Press Photo from the 1962 picture Betty Bowls a Big One

Although featuring real Beats who were paid in Espresso and a cameo apperance by well known East Side freak Firehound, a blind street musician who dressed like a ceremonial greek guard and played self made instruments such as the Thought-Pipe, the films real strength comes from the many leading experimental Jazz players of the era who make apperances. In some cases this film represents the only footage of some true legends of the Jazz underground.

Eagle-eyed chin strokers will spot luminaries like Alto Sax player Jimmy 'Buff' Buffley, Drummer 'Arms' Patterson, Atonal Voice Jazz pioneer Quincy Bobo Calloway and Trombone innovator 'Black' Jimmy White.

As was typical of Z-Grade exploitation movies of the era, Hey Daddy-O bookends the movie with moralizing disclaimers, stating the filmmakers intentions to educate and raise awareness of "The Scourge of Race Music, Infecting the Mind of today's youth, dragging them down the fiery road to VICE, DISEASE, MADNESS and MURDER!". Hal even went as far as to play a fake doctor at the start of the movie, issuing a stern warning to parents and teens alike, about the peril of free thinking, reading and beard growth.

This is all a ruse of course, a crooked smokescreen designed to allow more expliclit material into the picture, such as a brief shot of a ladies bra and the aforementioned Reefer party.

In conclusion, Daddy-O represents a unique glimpse of a lost sub-culture at it's flowering and despite the bad blood on set*, it remains an essential document for all students of experimental Word-Jazz.

Boast Fairchild - Selected Filmography

1958 Kneel & Tremble

1959 Hey Daddy-O! Don't Jive Me

1959 Elephant Ride to Athens

1960 The Moody Ones

1960 Baked by the Sun

1960 Dracula's Italian Cousin

1961 Wacky Beach Wipe Out

1961 Red Nails, Blank Cheques

1963 Big Chief Love Totem

1964 The First Mouse on the Moon

1965 Queen of the Sky Cats

1966 Django 3D

1967 Herbie Goes Rogue

1969 Proust! The Movie

1970 The Woodstock Murders

1971 Herbie Goes Postal

1972 Save My Heart for Cincinatti

1973 Sordid Tales of the Me Generation

1974 Harold & Maude 2: The Next Mission

1975 Herbie Stalks the Night

1975 Stick Up at the Nut House

1975 Sister Reckless

1975 Sister Reckless For President

1977 They Stole The Eiffel Tower!

1979 Herbie Goes Cruising (XXX Version)

1980 The Scum Hunters

1981 A Viking in Central Park

1982 Shaolin Monk Academy

1983 The Santa Claus Virus**

*Hal Manciano was arrested in the second week of production after throwing a steaming Cappuccino into supporting actor Trent Wilheim's, star of the hit TV show Skiffle Spies, face

** Boast quit acting to open his own Psychic TV Network
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