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oaxaca 17th June 2011 10:58 AM

I really need to see Mother of Tears! I love a film that divides opinion...

As for this new Dracula, I think there is room for another (faithful) adaptation of the dracula book, and Argento deserves to have a crack at it, although I worry he may kitsch it up a bit :p I loved Coppola's Dracula, and some of the ones that preceded it (Particularly Herzog's Nosferatu & Hammer's Dracula), so I'm hoping this latest take will do it justice. I think Asia can hold herself well as a protagonist, I though was superb in Stendhal Syndrome for example.

PaulD 9th July 2011 06:25 PM

Alan Jones has a blog with little bits of info on Dracula 3D which can be found here for those interested. Ha, wish I'd tweeted a comment about the Tenebrae commentary to him now on the offchance he'd showen Argento.

Argentofan 10th July 2011 04:41 PM


Make Them Die Slowly 17th December 2011 05:46 PM

There's a trailer for this floating round the net at the moment. The effects have yet to be completed but f*ck me, it looks bloody awful.

dream demon 17th December 2011 06:10 PM

Here is the trailer -

Dracula Movie Trailor - YouTube

Gojirosan 17th December 2011 06:16 PM

That looks really interesting. Hope we get a cinema release here (not very likely!).

Phurious 17th December 2011 06:54 PM

Wow - so he's taken the plunge and finally opted to do an out and out comedy.

It's a shame that Hauer has already done the best vampire comedy: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

(I genuinely mean that last statement ;) )

Slippery Jack 17th December 2011 07:10 PM, wow... :shocked:

I hope those 'Effects work in progress' captions make it to the finished film :nod:


Originally Posted by Phurious (Post 204205)
It's a shame that Hauer has already done the best vampire comedy: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

(I genuinely mean that last statement ;) )

Better than Vampire's Kiss :eek: ...?

Prince_Vajda 17th December 2011 07:11 PM

Well, it doesn't look really bad. But...and that's a big 'but'... why using this unnecessary 3D, and why using so much (crappy!) CGI? :tsk: :doh: :crazy: :mmph:

I guess that I will watch (and buy) it, as I am huge fan of both Hauer and Mr Argento's daughter Asia... but it looks a bit as if Argento has missed another chance to create an outstanding post-1985 movie... :sad:


Demdike@Cult Labs 17th December 2011 08:17 PM

Don't judge a film on a workprint trailer with all the tweaks left out.

Imagine Suspiria without the Goblin soundtrack or different lighting used.

Wait until you at least see a proper trailer or have, better still ,actually watched the film itself.

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