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Old 28th August 2019, 06:07 AM
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In memory of Sheila Steafel (1935 - 2019)

People try to put us down
Just because we get around

Golly, Gee! it's wrong to be so guilty
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Old 28th August 2019, 06:25 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Human Nature
(The Doctor and Martha run into the Tardis, closely followed by a blast from an energy weapon.)
The Doctor: Get down! (Bang! The Doctor slams the door shut.) Did they see you?
Martha: I don't know.
The Doctor: But did they see you?
Martha: I don't know. I was too busy running.
The Doctor: Martha, it's important. Did they see your face?
Martha: No, they couldn't have.
The Doctor: Off we go! (He sets the Tardis in motion.) Argh! They're following us.
Martha: How can they do that? You've got a time machine.
The Doctor: Stolen technology. They've got a Time Agent's vortex manipulator. They can follow us wherever we go, right across the universe. They're never going to stop, unless. I'll have to do it. Martha, you trust me, don't you?
Martha: Of course I do.
The Doctor: Because it all depends on you.
Martha: What does? What am I supposed to do?
(He holds out an ornately decorated pocket watch.)
The Doctor: Take this watch, because my life depends on it. This watch, Martha. The watch is
[Doctor's room]
(The Doctor is lying on a bed in an old-fashioned wood panelled room. A clock is ticking. There are voices in the corridor outside. He gets up, and there is a knock on the door.)
The Doctor: Come in.
(Martha enters, carrying a breakfast tray and wearing maid's uniform complete with little cap. She turns her back when she sees he isn't fully dressed.)
Martha: Pardon me, Mister Smith. You're not dressed yet. I can come back later.
(He puts on a dressing gown.)
The Doctor: No, it's all right, it's all right. Put it down. I was er. Sorry, sorry. Sometimes I have these extraordinary dreams.
(Martha puts the tray down on a table by the leather settee and draws the curtains.)
Martha: What about, sir?
The Doctor: I dream I'm this adventurer. This daredevil, a madman. The Doctor, I'm called. And last night I dreamt that you were there, as my companion.
Martha: A teacher and a housemaid, sir? That's impossible.
The Doctor: I'm a man from another world, though.
Martha: Well it can't be true because there's no such thing.
The Doctor: This thing. The watch is (He picks up the ornate pocket watch from the mantlepiece for a moment then puts it back.) Ah, it's funny how dreams slip away. But I do remember one thing; it all took place in the future. In the Year of Our Lord two thousand and seven.
Martha: I can prove that wrong for you, sir. Here's the morning paper. It's Monday, November tenth, nineteen thirteen, and you're completely human, sir. As human as they come.
The Doctor: Mmm, that's me. Completely human.


(Latimer knocks on the door, and the Doctor opens it.)
Latimer: You told me to come and collect that book, sir.
The Doctor: Good lad. Yes. Yes! The Definitive Account of Mafeking by Aitchison Price. Where did I put it? And I wanted a little word. Your marks aren't quite good enough.
Latimer: I'm top ten in my class, sir.
The Doctor: Now, be honest, Timothy, you should be the very top. You're a clever boy. You seem to be hiding it. Where is that book? And I know why. Keeping your head low avoids the mockery of your classmates. But no man should hide himself, don't you think?
Latimer: Yes, sir.
(The Doctor searches the shelves of his library alcove, and Latimer notices the watch.)
The Doctor [OC]: You're clever. Be proud of it. Use it.
(Latimer picks up the watch and hears voices.)
Mother [watch]: Time Lord. Hide yourself.
The Doctor [watch]: The secret lies within. I'm trapped. I'm kept inside the cogs. (Latimer opens the watch, and outside in the grounds, Baines turns around.) In the dark, waiting. Always waiting. (Latimer closes the watch and puts it in his pocket. The Doctor returns with the book.) Fascinating details about the siege. Really quite remarkable. Are you all right?
Latimer: Yes, sir. Fine, sir.
The Doctor: Right then. Good. And remember. Use that brain of yours. The Doctor [watch] Power of a Time Lord. (As the Doctor hands the book to Latimer, he sees images of the Doctor using his sonic screwdriver.) You're really not looking yourself, old chap. Anything bothering you?
Latimer: No, sir Thank you, sir.


(The Doctor and Joan are walking along a cart track. There is a scarecrow nearby.)
Joan: Oh, it's all becoming clear now. The Doctor is the man you'd like to be, doing impossible things with cricket balls.
The Doctor: Well, I discovered a talent, that's certainly true.
Joan: But the Doctor has an eye for the ladies.
The Doctor: The devil.
Joan: A girl at every fireplace.
The Doctor: Ah, now, there I have to protest, Joan. That is hardly me.
Joan: Says the man dancing with me tonight.
The Doctor: That scarecrow's all skewed.
(They walk up to it, and the Doctor ties its arm back onto the cross-member.)
Joan: Ever the artist. Where did you learn to draw?
The Doctor: Gallifrey.
Joan: Is that in Ireland?
The Doctor: Yes, it must be, yes.
Joan: But you're not Irish?
The Doctor: Not at all, no. My father Sidney was a watchmaker from Nottingham, and my mother Verity was, er. Well, she was a nurse, actually.
Joan: Oh. We make such good wives.
The Doctor: Really? Right. Yes. Well, my work is done. What do you think?
Joan: Masterpiece.
The Doctor: All sorts of skills today!
(As they walk away, the scarecrow turns its head to watch them.)


Clark: There will be silence! All of you! (Scarecrows enter.) I said, silence!
Chambers: Mister Clarke, what's going on?
(He gets vapourised.)
Martha: Mister Smith? Everything I told you, just forget it! Don't say anything.
Baines: We asked for silence! Now then, we have a few questions for Mister Smith.
Lucy: No, better than that. The teacher. He's the Doctor. I heard them talking.
Baines: You took human form.
The Doctor: Of course I'm human. I was born human, as were you, Baines. And Jenny, and you, Mister Clark. What is going on? This is madness.
Baines: Ooo, and a human brain, too. Simple, thick and dull.
Jenny: But he's no good like this.
Clark: We need a Time Lord.
Baines: Easily done. (Baines steps forward and raises his ray gun.) Change back.
The Doctor: I don't know what you're talking about.
Baines: Change back!
The Doctor: I literally do not know
(Jenny grabs Martha, and puts a gun to her head.)
Martha: Get off me!
Jenny: She's your friend, isn't she? Doesn't this scare you enough to change back?
The Doctor: I don't know what you mean!
Jenny: Wait a minute. The maid told me about Smith and the Matron. That woman, there.
Clark: Then let's have you.
(Clark takes Joan and puts his gun to her head.)
Baines: Have you enjoyed it, Doctor, being human? Has it taught you wonderful things? Are you better, richer, wiser? Then let's see you answer this. Which one of them do you want us to kill? Maid or matron? Your friend or your lover? Your choice.
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People try to put us down
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Old 28th August 2019, 03:41 PM
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Default Image of the Day # 144

Lee Binding's artwork for the season 12 blu-ray release (2018)

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Old 29th August 2019, 04:55 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
The Family Of Blood
Rocastle: So. Baines and one of the cleaning staff. There's always a woman involved. Am I to gather that some practical joke has got out of hand?
Baines: Headmaster, sir. Good evening, sir. Come to give me a caning, sir? Would you like that, sir?
Rocastle: Keep a civil tongue, boy.
Philips: Now come on, everyone. I suspect alcohol has played its part in this (The Doctor watches from a window.) Let's all just calm down. And who are these friends of yours, Baines, in fancy dress?
Baines: Do you like them, Mister Philips? I made them myself. I'm ever so good at science, sir. Look. (He pulls the arm off a scarecrow.) Molecular fringe animation fashioned in the shape of straw men. My own private army, sir. It's ever so good, sir.
Rocastle: Baines, step apart from this company and come inside with me.
Baines: No, sir. You, sir, you will send us Mister John Smith. That's all we want, sir, Mister John Smith and whatever he's done with his Time Lord consciousness. Then we'd be very happy to leave you alone.
Rocastle: You speak with someone else's voice, Baines. Who might that be?
Baines: We are the Family of Blood.
Rocastle: Mister Smith said there had been deaths.
Baines: Yes, sir. And they were good, sir.
Rocastle: Well, I warn you, the school is armed.
Baines: All your little tin soldiers. But tell me, sir, will they thank you?
Rocastle: I don't understand.
Baines: What do you know of history, sir? What do you know of next year?
Rocastle: You're not making sense, Baines.
Baines: 1914, sir. Because the Family has travelled far and wide looking for Mister Smith and, oh, the things we have seen. War is coming. In foreign fields, war of the whole wide world, with all your boys falling down in the mud. Do you think they will thank the man who taught them it was glorious?
Rocastle: Don't you forget, boy, I've been a soldier. I was in South Africa. I used my dead mates for sandbags. I fought with the butt of my rifle when the bullets ran out, and I would go back there tomorrow for King and Country!
Baines: Et cetera, et cetera. (Baines vapourises Philips.) Run along, Headmaster. Run back to school. And send us Mister Smith!


Martha: I know it sounds mad, but when the Doctor became human, he took the alien part of himself and he stored it inside the watch. It's not really a watch, it just looks like a watch.
Joan: And alien means not from abroad, I take it.
Martha: The man you call John Smith, he was born on another world.
Joan: A different species.
Martha: Yeah.
Joan: Then tell me. In this fairy tale, who are you?
Martha: Just a friend. I'm not. I mean, you haven't got a rival, as much as I might. Just his friend.
Joan: And human, I take it?
Martha: Human. Don't worry. And more than that, I just don't follow him around. I'm training to be a doctor. Not an alien doctor, a proper doctor. A doctor of medicine.
Joan: Well that certainly is nonsense. Women might train to be doctors, but hardly a skivvy and hardly one of your colour.
Martha: Oh, do you think? Bones of the hand. Carpal bones, proximal row. Scaphoid, lunate, triquetal, pisiform. Distal row. Trapezium, trapezoid, capitate, hamate. Then the metacarpal bones extending in three distinct phalanges. Proximal, middle, distal.
Joan: You read that in a book.
Martha: Yes, to pass my exams. Can't you see this is true?
Joan: I must go.
Martha: If we find that watch, then we can stop them.
Joan: Those boys are going to fight. I might not be a doctor, but I'm still their nurse. They need me.


(The Family run, then their spaceship goes KaBOOM!)
Baines [OC]: He never raised his voice. That was the worst thing. The fury of the Time Lord. And then we discovered why. Why this Doctor, who had fought with gods and demons, why he'd run away from us and hidden. He was being kind. (Clark, wearing heavy chains, falls into a pit.) He wrapped my father in unbreakable chains, forged in the heart of a dwarf star. He tricked my mother into the event horizon of a collapsing galaxy to be imprisoned there forever. (Jenny is sucked out of the Tardis in deep space.) He still visits my little sister once a year every year. I wonder if one day he might forgive her, but there she is. Can you see? He trapped her inside a mirror, every mirror. If ever you look at your reflection and see something move behind you, just for a second, that's her. That's always her. As for me, I was suspended in time. And the Doctor put me to work standing over the fields of England, as their protector (Baines has become a scarecrow.) We wanted to live forever, so the Doctor made sure that we did.


Joan: Is it done?
The Doctor: It's done.
Joan: The police and the army are at the school. The parents have come to take the boys home. I should go. They'll have so many questions. I'm not sure what to say. Oh, you look the same. Goodness, you must forgive my rudeness. I find it difficult to look at you. Doctor, I must call you Doctor. Where is he? John Smith?
The Doctor: He's in here somewhere.
Joan: Like a story. Could you change back?
The Doctor: Yes.
Joan: Will you?
The Doctor: No.
Joan: I see. Well, then. He was braver that you in the end, that ordinary man. You chose to change. He chose to die.
The Doctor: Come with me.
Joan: I'm sorry?
The Doctor: Travel with me.
Joan: As what?
The Doctor: My companion.
Joan: But that's not fair. What must I look like to you, Doctor? I must seem so very small.
The Doctor: No. We could start again. I'd like that. You and me. We could try, at least. Because everything that John Smith is and was, I'm capable of that, too.
Joan: I can't.
The Doctor: Please come with me.
Joan: I can't.
The Doctor: Why not?
Joan: John Smith is dead, and you look like him.
The Doctor: But he's here, inside, if you look in my eyes.
Joan: Answer me this. Just one question, that's all. If the Doctor had never visited us, if he'd never chosen this place on a whim, would anybody here have died? (no answer) You can go.
(The Doctor leaves. Joan clutches the journal to her bosom and cries.)
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People try to put us down
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Old 29th August 2019, 10:28 AM
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Bought the Sp Ed of Rememberance. got it home, and it was loose in the case and somewhat marked because of it. Didn't feel "faulty" in the shop etc. C'est la vie

"... the days ahead will be filled with struggle ... and coated in marzipan ... "
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Old 29th August 2019, 10:52 AM
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Default Image of the Day # 145

Sophie Aldred (Ace) and Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor) in a publicity still for 1988's The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

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Old 30th August 2019, 04:14 AM
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Heads up people

Big Finish Lost Stories adventure 'Leviathan' is being broadcast again on BBC Radio 4 Extra beginning tomorrow (Saturday, August 31st) at 6pm (repeated at midnight) with the second episode the following week at the same time

"When the TARDIS materialises near a castle in a sinister medieval society, the Doctor and Peri befriend Gurth, a terrified youth who is attempting to flee the village....

An adventure originally written for the BBC's Doctor Who TV series but never made.

Colin Baker stars as the Sixth Doctor.

Peri ...... Nicola Bryant
Gurth ...... Howard Gossington
Herne the Hunter ...... John Banks
Althya ...... Beth Chalmers
Wulfric ...... Jamie Parker
Siward ...... Derek Carlyle

Written by Brian and Paul Finch

Director: Ben Bentley."
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People try to put us down
Just because we get around

Golly, Gee! it's wrong to be so guilty
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Old 30th August 2019, 05:29 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
The Doctor: Welcome.
Billy: Where am I?
The Doctor: 1969. Not bad, as it goes. You've got the moon landing to look forward to.
Martha: Oh, the moon landing's brilliant. We went four times, back when we had transport.
The Doctor: Working on it.
Billy: How did I get here?
The Doctor: The same way we did. The touch of an angel. Same one, probably, since you ended up in the same year. No, no. No, no, no, don't get up. Time travel without a capsule. Nasty. Catch your breath. Don't go swimming for half an hour.
Billy: I don't. I can't.
The Doctor: Fascinating race, the Weeping Angels. The only psychopaths in the universe to kill you nicely. No mess, no fuss, they just zap you into the past and let you live to death. The rest of your life used up and blown away in the blink of an eye. You die in the past, and in the present they consume the energy of all the days you might have had. All your stolen moments. They're creatures of the abstract. They live off potential energy.
Billy: What in God's name are you talking about?
Martha: Trust me. Just nod when he stops for breath.
The Doctor: Tracked you down with this. This is my timey-wimey detector. It goes ding when there's stuff. Also, it can boil an egg at thirty paces, whether you want it to or not, actually, so I've learned to stay away from hens. It's not pretty when they blow.
Billy: I don't understand. Where am I?
Martha: 1969, like he says.
The Doctor: Normally, I'd offer you a lift home, but somebody nicked my motor. So I need you to take a message to Sally Sparrow. And I'm sorry, Billy. I am very, very sorry. It's going to take you a while.


(Larry puts a DVD into his portable player.)
Larry: Okay, this is the one with the clearest sound. Slightly better picture quality on this one, but I don't know
Sally: It doesn't matter.
Larry: Okay. There he is.
Sally: The Doctor.
Larry: Who's the Doctor?
Sally: He's the Doctor.
The Doctor [on screen]: Yup. That's me.
Sally: Okay, that was scary.
Larry: No, it sounds like he's replying, but he always says that.
The Doctor [on screen]: Yes, I do.
Larry: And that.
The Doctor [on screen]: Yup. And this.
Sally: He can hear us. Oh, my God, you can really hear us?
Larry: Of course he can't hear us. Look, I've got a transcript. See? Everything he says. Yup, that's me. Yes, I do. Yup, and this. Next it's
The Doctor [on screen] + Larry: Are you going to read out the whole thing?
Larry: Sorry.
Sally: Who are you?
The Doctor: I'm a time traveller. Or I was. I'm stuck in 1969.
Martha [on screen]: We're stuck. All of space and time, he promised me. Now I've got a job in a shop. I've got to support him!
The Doctor [on screen]: Martha.
Martha [on screen]: Sorry.
Sally: I've seen this bit before.
The Doctor [on screen]: Quite possibly.
Sally: 1969, that's where you're talking from?
The Doctor [on screen]: Afraid so.
Sally: But you're replying to me. You can't know exactly what I'm going to say, forty years before I say it.
The Doctor [on screen]: Thirty eight.
Larry: I'm getting this down. I'm writing in your bits.
Sally: How? How is this possible? Tell me.
Larry: Not so fast.
The Doctor [on screen]: People don't understand time. It's not what you think it is.
Sally: Then what is it?
The Doctor [on screen]: Complicated.
Sally: Tell me.
The Doctor [on screen]: Very complicated.
Sally: I'm clever and I'm listening. And don't patronise me because people have died, and I'm not happy. Tell me.
The Doctor [on screen]: People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.
Sally: Yeah, I've seen this bit before. You said that sentence got away from you.
The Doctor [on screen]: It got away from me, yeah.
Sally: Next thing you're going to say is, well I can hear you.
The Doctor [on screen]: Well, I can hear you.
Sally: This isn't possible.
Larry: No. It's brilliant!
The Doctor [on screen]: Well, not hear you, exactly, but I know everything you're going to say.
Larry: Always gives me the shivers, that bit.
Sally: How can you know what I'm going to say?
The Doctor [on screen]: Look to your left.
(Where Larry is sitting on the floor, writing.)
Larry: What does he mean by look to your left? I've written tons about that on the forums. I think it's a political statement.
Sally: He means you. What are you doing?
Larry: I'm writing in your bits. That way I've got a complete transcript of the whole conversation. Wait until this hits the net. This will explode the egg forums.
The Doctor [on screen]: I've got a copy of the finished transcript. It's on my autocue.
Sally: How can you have a copy of the finished transcript? It's still being written.
The Doctor [on screen]: I told you. I'm a time traveller. I got it in the future.
Sally: Okay, let me get my head round this. You're reading aloud from a transcript of a conversation you're still having.
The Doctor [on screen]: Yeah. Wibbly wobbly, timey-wimey.
Sally: Never mind that. You can do shorthand?
Larry: So?
The Doctor [on screen]: What matters is, we can communicate. We have got big problems now. They have taken the blue box, haven't they? The angels have the phone box.
Larry: The angels have the phone box. That's my favourite, I've got it on a t-shirt.
Sally: What do you mean, angels? You mean those statue things?
The Doctor [on screen]: Creatures from another world.
Sally: But they're just statues.
The Doctor [on screen]: Only when you see them.
Sally: What does that mean?
The Doctor [on screen]: The lonely assassins, they used to be called. No one quite knows where they came from, but they're as old as the universe, or very nearly, and they have survived this long because they have the most perfect defence system ever evolved. They are quantum-locked. They don't exist when they're being observed. The moment they are seen by any other living creature, they freeze into rock. No choice. It's a fact of their biology. In the sight of any living thing, they literally turn to stone. And you can't kill a stone. Of course, a stone can't kill you either. But then you turn your head away, then you blink, and oh yes it can.
Sally: Don't take your eyes off that.
(There is an Angel close by.)
The Doctor [on screen]: That's why they cover their eyes. They're not weeping. They can't risk looking at each other. Their greatest asset is their greatest curse. They can never be seen. The loneliest creatures in the universe. And I'm sorry. I am very, very sorry. It's up to you now.
Sally: What am I supposed to do?
The Doctor [on screen]: The blue box, it's my time machine. There is a world of time energy in there they could feast on forever, but the damage they could do could switch off the sun. You have got to send it back to me.
Sally: How? How?
The Doctor [on screen]: And that's it, I'm afraid. There's no more from you on the transcript, that's the last I've got. I don't know what stopped you talking, but I can guess. They're coming. The angels are coming for you. But listen, your life could depend on this. Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe. Don't turn your back, don't look away, and don't blink. Good luck.
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People try to put us down
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Old 30th August 2019, 01:34 PM
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Default Image of the Day # 146

Davros (Julian Bleach) as seen in the 2015 two part story The Magician's Apprentice / The Witch's Familiar

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Old 31st August 2019, 06:19 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
(Okay, it's a quarry. Martha spots someone lying on the ground near the Tardis.)
Martha: Oh my God! (It is Jack.) Can't get a pulse. Hold on. You've got that medical kit thing.
(She runs into the Tardis)
The Doctor: Hello again. Oh, I'm sorry.
(Martha returns with the medical kit.)
Martha: Here we go. Get out of the way. It's a bit odd, though. Not very hundred trillion. That coat's more like World War Two.
The Doctor: I think he came with us.
Martha: How do you mean, from Earth?
The Doctor: Must have been clinging to the outside of the Tardis all the way through the vortex. Well, that's very him.
Martha: What, do you know him?
The Doctor: Friend of mine. Used to travel with me, back in the old days.
Martha: But he's. I'm sorry, there's no heartbeat. There's nothing. He's dead. (Jack gasps and grabs Martha, who screams.) Oh, so much for me. It's all right. Just breathe deep. I've got you.
Jack: Captain Jack Harkness. And who are you?
Martha: Martha Jones.
Jack: Nice to meet you, Martha Jones.
The Doctor: Oh, don't start.
Jack: I was only saying hello.
Martha: I don't mind.
(She helps Jack stand up.)
Jack: Doctor.
The Doctor: Captain.
Jack: Good to see you.
The Doctor: And you. Same as ever. Although, have you had work done?
Jack: You can talk.
The Doctor: Oh yes, the face. Regeneration. How did you know this was me?
Jack: The police box kind of gives it away


The Doctor [behind door]: When did you first realise?
Jack: Earth, 1892. Got in a fight in Ellis Island. A man shot me through the heart. Then I woke up. Thought it was kind of strange. But then it never stopped. Fell off a cliff, trampled by horses, World War One, World War Two, poison, starvation, a stray javelin. In the end, I got the message. I'm the man who can never die. And all that time you knew.
The Doctor [behind door]: That's why I left you behind. It's not easy even just looking at you, Jack, because you're wrong.
Jack: Thanks.
The Doctor [behind door]: You are. I can't help it. I'm a Time Lord. It's instinct. It's in my guts. You're a fixed point in time and space. You're a fact. That's never meant to happen. Even the Tardis reacted against you, tried to shake you off. Flew all the way to the end of the universe just to get rid of you.
Jack: So what you're saying is that you're, er, prejudiced?
The Doctor [behind door]: I never thought of it like that.
Jack: Shame on you.
The Doctor [behind door]: Yeah


(The Doctor uses the telephone.)
The Doctor: Lieutenant, everyone on board?
Atillo [OC]: Ready and waiting.
The Doctor: Stand by. Two minutes to ignition.
Atillo [OC]: Ready to launch. Outer doors sealed.
Computer: Countdown commencing. T minus ninety nine, ninety eight
(Jack and the Doctor rush around, flicking switches. Martha enters.)
The Doctor: Ah, nearly there. The footprint, it's a gravity pulse. It stamps down, the rocket shoots up. Bit primitive. It'll take the both of us to keep it stable.
Martha: Doctor, it's the Professor. He's got this watch. He's got a fob watch. It's the same as yours. Same writing on it, same everything.
The Doctor: Don't be ridiculous.
Martha: I asked him. He said he's had it his whole life.
Jack: So he's got the same watch.
Martha: Yeah, but it's not a watch. It's this chameleon thing.
The Doctor: No, no, no, it's this, this thing, this device, it rewrites biology. Changes a Time Lord into a human.
Martha: And it's the same watch.
The Doctor: It can't be.
(An alarm sounds.)
Jack: That means he could be a Time Lord. You might not be the last one.
The Doctor: Jack, keep it level!
Martha: But that's brilliant, isn't it?
The Doctor: Yes, it is. Course it is. Depends which one. Brilliant, fantastic, yeah. But they died, the Time Lords. All of them. They died.
Jack: Not if he was human.
The Doctor: What did he say, Martha? What did he say?
Martha: He looked at the watch like he could hardly see it. Like that perception filter thing


Yana: Not to worry, my dear. As one door closes, another must open.
(He turns off the silo's defences.)
Chantho: Chan you must stop tho. Chan but you've lowered the defences. The Futurekind will get in tho. (The tribe bursts through the gates. The Doctor and Jack finally get the control room door open.) Chan Professor, I'm so sorry, but I must stop you. You're destroying all our work tho.
(Yana turns and sees Chantho is pointing a gun at him.)
Yana: Oh. Now I can say I was provoked. (He takes hold of a live energy cable. The Doctor, Jack and Martha have to double back to avoid Futurekind.) Did you never think, all those years standing beside me, to ask about that watch? Never? Did you never once think, not ever, that you could set me free?
Chantho: Chan I'm sorry tho. Chan I'm so sorry.
Yana: You, with your chan and your tho driving me insane.
Chantho: Chan Professor, please
Yana: That is not my name! The Professor was an invention. So perfect a disguise that I forgot who I am.
Chantho: Chan then who are you tho?
Yana: I am the Master.
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People try to put us down
Just because we get around

Golly, Gee! it's wrong to be so guilty
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