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Old 1st January 2020, 05:36 PM
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I stated Oliver was in 100 best British films ( no 77) according to BFI if anyone interested here the full list .

Rank Title Year Director
1 The Third Man 1949 Carol Reed
2 Brief Encounter 1945 David Lean
3 Lawrence of Arabia 1962 David Lean
4 The 39 Steps 1935 Alfred Hitchcock
5 Great Expectations 1946 David Lean
6 Kind Hearts and Coronets 1949 Robert Hamer
7 Kes 1969 Ken Loach
8 Don't Look Now 1973 Nicolas Roeg
9 The Red Shoes 1948 Powell and Pressburger
10 Trainspotting 1996 Danny Boyle
11 The Bridge on the River Kwai 1957 David Lean
12 if.... 1968 Lindsay Anderson
13 The Ladykillers 1955 Alexander Mackendrick
14 Saturday Night and Sunday Morning 1960 Karel Reisz
15 Brighton Rock 1947 John Boulting
16 Get Carter 1971 Mike Hodges
17 The Lavender Hill Mob 1951 Charles Crichton
18 Henry V 1944 Laurence Olivier
19 Chariots of Fire 1981 Hugh Hudson
20 A Matter of Life and Death 1946 Powell and Pressburger
21 The Long Good Friday 1980 John Mackenzie
22 The Servant 1963 Joseph Losey
23 Four Weddings and a Funeral 1994 Mike Newell
24 Whisky Galore! 1949 Alexander Mackendrick
25 The Full Monty 1997 Peter Cattaneo
26 The Crying Game 1992 Neil Jordan
27 Doctor Zhivago 1965 David Lean
28 Monty Python's Life of Brian 1979 Terry Jones
29 Withnail and I 1987 Bruce Robinson
30 Gregory's Girl 1980 Bill Forsyth
31 Zulu 1964 Cy Endfield
32 Room at the Top 1959 Jack Clayton
33 Alfie 1966 Lewis Gilbert
34 Gandhi 1982 Richard Attenborough
35 The Lady Vanishes 1938 Alfred Hitchcock
36 The Italian Job 1969 Peter Collinson
37 Local Hero 1983 Bill Forsyth
38 The Commitments 1991 Alan Parker
39 A Fish Called Wanda 1988 Charles Crichton
40 Secrets & Lies 1996 Mike Leigh
41 Dr. No 1962 Terence Young
42 The Madness of King George 1994 Nicholas Hytner
43 A Man for All Seasons 1966 Fred Zinnemann
44 Black Narcissus 1947 Powell and Pressburger
45 The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp 1943 Powell and Pressburger
46 Oliver Twist 1948 David Lean
47 I'm All Right Jack 1959 John Boulting
48 Performance 1970 Nicolas Roeg and Donald Cammell
49 Shakespeare in Love 1998 John Madden
50 My Beautiful Laundrette 1985 Stephen Frears
51 Tom Jones 1963 Tony Richardson
52 This Sporting Life 1963 Lindsay Anderson
53 My Left Foot 1989 Jim Sheridan
54 Brazil 1985 Terry Gilliam
55 The English Patient 1996 Anthony Minghella
56 A Taste of Honey 1961 Tony Richardson
57 The Go-Between 1970 Joseph Losey
58 The Man in the White Suit 1951 Alexander Mackendrick
59 The Ipcress File 1965 Sidney J. Furie
60 Blow Up 1966 Michelangelo Antonioni
61 The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner 1962 Tony Richardson
62 Sense and Sensibility 1995 Ang Lee
63 Passport to Pimlico 1949 Henry Cornelius
64 The Remains of the Day 1993 James Ivory
65 Sunday, Bloody Sunday 1971 John Schlesinger
66 The Railway Children 1970 Lionel Jeffries
67 Mona Lisa 1986 Neil Jordan
68 The Dam Busters 1955 Michael Anderson
69 Hamlet 1948 Laurence Olivier
70 Goldfinger 1964 Guy Hamilton
71 Elizabeth 1998 Shekhar Kapur
72 Goodbye, Mr Chips 1939 Sam Wood
73 A Room with a View 1985 James Ivory
74 The Day of the Jackal 1973 Fred Zinnemann
75 The Cruel Sea 1953 Charles Frend
76 Billy Liar 1963 John Schlesinger
77 Oliver! 1968 Carol Reed
78 Peeping Tom 1960 Michael Powell
79 Far from the Madding Crowd 1967 John Schlesinger
80 The Draughtsman's Contract 1982 Peter Greenaway
81 A Clockwork Orange 1971 Stanley Kubrick
82 Distant Voices, Still Lives 1988 Terence Davies
83 Darling 1965 John Schlesinger
84 Educating Rita 1983 Lewis Gilbert
85 Brassed Off 1996 Mark Herman
86 Genevieve 1953 Henry Cornelius
87 Women in Love 1969 Ken Russell
88 A Hard Day's Night 1964 Richard Lester
89 Fires Were Started 1943 Humphrey Jennings
90 Hope and Glory 1987 John Boorman
91 My Name Is Joe 1998 Ken Loach
92 In Which We Serve 1942 NoŽl Coward and David Lean
93 Caravaggio 1986 Derek Jarman
94 The Belles of St Trinian's 1954 Frank Launder
95 Life Is Sweet 1990 Mike Leigh
96 The Wicker Man 1973 Robin Hardy
97 Nil By Mouth 1997 Gary Oldman
98 Small Faces 1995 Gillies Mackinnon
99 Carry On... Up the Khyber 1968 Gerald Thomas
100 The Killing Fields 1984 Roland Joffť
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Old 1st January 2020, 07:56 PM
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Default Decemberdike # 22

Madhouse (1981)

To be honest i don't remember a lot about it other than that it reminded me of Happy Birthday to Me (1981) with it's final party scene and there were a couple of evil bastard dogs and decent gore.

Enjoyable but forgetful. Definite re-watch in the first quarter of 2020.
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Old 1st January 2020, 08:15 PM
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Dracula Prince of Darkness. A group of English travellers in Transylvania get waylaid and end up at Castle Dracula. Well that wasn't very smart, now was it? The 3rd in Hammer's Dracula series sees Christopher Lee back as the Count and, although it's weird he doesn't even have any dialogue, he's still a formidable physical presence. The 3rd of these I've seen, and while I rank it lower than the original and Satanic Rites, it's still good spooky fun. I also chuckled at realising that the Count's devoted manservant, who sparks his resurrection, is Philip Latham, aka President Borusa from The Five Doctors!
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Old 1st January 2020, 08:29 PM
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Burial Ground
A scientist awakens a bunch of zombies before some guests arrive to stay at his mansion. These people arrive and then a little while later the zombies start attacking.
Awful, some incest between a mother and her 40 year old son, the zombies are slow unless they're using a massive piece of wood to smash open a door. What utter garbage

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Old 1st January 2020, 08:35 PM
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I've always really liked Burial Ground, sure it's pretty shit when you consider it, but i find it has a goofy charm.

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Old 1st January 2020, 08:48 PM
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Originally Posted by iank View Post
Silent Night, Deadly Night. A young boy traumatised by Christmas-related events grows up to become a spree killer dressed as Santa Claus. I've heard of this mid 80s horror before, but not seen it until now. The first half is actually quite an intriguing and effective buildup, but the moment he snaps the film just becomes a not very scary slasher that gets sillier and sillier and ends up thoroughly mediocre. Black Christmas need not be afraid.
Ok, snap! Really love this one for how basic it is & after watching black christmas earlier, thought I'd give it a spin, then go through the extras on the scream factory release.......

So the first commentary is terrible, so i gave up. They debate if black christmas was the first killer santa movie.....???? Then they get corrected & admit that they haven't seen the film. After that they decide that a Tales from the Darkside had done killer santa already (pretty sure that was tales from the crypt), THEN i gave up!!!!!

Looked at the thing on the controversy of the film in america & its just a bunch of on screen quotes from newspapers at the time....

3rd time the charm, trying the 45 min doc, better, much better!
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Old 1st January 2020, 10:49 PM
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Default Decemberdike # 24

The Canterville Ghost (1974)

A fun bit of comedic ghostliness for Christmas Eve in which David Niven (In a rare tv appearance) plays the titular ghost of the title who finds his stately home overrun by Americans.

Although not in the least bit scary it's still well worth a watch as it does go all English Gothic with it's dark and stormy nights. Niven seems to enjoy the more stately pace of a tv production and Lynn Frederick is just plain gorgeous.

Based on Oscar Wilde's short story, i recommend the Network dvd.
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Old 1st January 2020, 11:48 PM
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movies 3.jpg

God Told me to - Larry Cohen criticism around religion - not great, but watchable.

Beatrice Cenci - Wow! Fulci with a "bigger" budget can show his real talents, loved this movie, even with a thick plot it's enough to keep you entertained until the end.

Caltiki - I start watching this movie maybe 3 months ago? left on my ps3 for ages and complete forgot about that (damn you streaming options!!) - it's a monster movie with nice special effects.

The Domestics - I have a soft spot for post apocalyptical movies, so if you are into this kind of movies i recommend this one, and it's not everyday someone puts Goatsnake in a soundtrack

Little Miss Sunshine - A friend of mine, was always praising this movie - a band of misfits doing a journey of 3 days to participate in a pageant contest - loved it every minute.

Cartas de Guerra - a Portuguese movie about colonial war. A nice surprise for myself - the last good Portuguese movie I watched was the short movies Papa Wrestling and Banana Mother****er

Jojo Rabbit - What a movie! the director of What we do in the shadows (I didn't enjoy this one, tbh I though was quiet boring..), but this one gets everything - laughs, a imaginary friend, drama, sarcasm, it's not easy to make fun of a subject like WW2 but hat's off - 100% recommendation on this one

Once Upon Time in Hollywood - I'm a fanboy of Tarantino - he could do a movie about a turd jumping hurdles and I still watch. that's it, don't really know what to say about this movie
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Old 2nd January 2020, 03:41 PM
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Eagle Vs Shark

Quirky romance from Taiki Waititi. Great central performance from Loren Taylor etc. Laughed a fair bit, which is all I ask from a comedy.

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Old 2nd January 2020, 04:38 PM
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Default Decemberdike # 25

The White Reindeer (1952)

With her husband away for long periods at a time a new bride visits a local shaman in a view to alleviating her boredom and loneliness. However the shaman's magic also turn the woman into a predatory shapeshifting vampire like white reindeer who preys on the men in her village.

Based on Finnish folklore this is a remarkable film. Shot on location in a sea of white snow, the visuals are both striking and very eerie. The reindeer of the title features a lot and whilst for the most part it simply roams the arctic tundra, the transformations are achieved in minimalistic style.

I've always wanted to see The White Reindeer and was delighted to purchase the Eureka dual format edition. It's an interesting experience even if there aren't any actual scares but the look into Finnish folklore is compelling and reminiscent of the Russian legend of the Wurdulak.
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