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Old 7th July 2019, 06:27 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Trial Of A Time Lord Part 1: The Mysterious Planet Part 1
(A darkened room. A figure sits in a pew.)
The Valeyard: At last, Doctor.
The Doctor: Am I late for something?
The Valeyard: I was beginning to fear you had lost yourself. Sit down.
(The Doctor moves to where the Valeyard indicates, to discover a chair. The Valeyard then turns on the lights and we see that the chair is in a dock.)
The Doctor: Well, even I would find it hard to lose myself in a corridor. Especially, when propelled by the mental energy of so many distinguished Time Lords.
(The Doctor waves at a group of shadowy figures in the formal Time Lord costume sitting in two raised rows of pews by the wall to his left.)
The Valeyard: Oh, I don't know. You seem to have a great talent for straying from the straight and narrow.
(Citadel guards enter and the lights come up to full as a woman in white robe with a red scarf is escorted to a separate chair and table below the rows of Time Lords.)
The Doctor: Would it be too much to ask what all this is about?
The Inquisitor: The accused will remain silent until invited to speak.
The Doctor: The accused? Do you mean me?
The Inquisitor: I call upon the Valeyard to open the case.
The Valeyard: By order of the High Council, this is an impartial enquiry into the behaviour of the accused person, known as the Doctor, who is charged that he, on diverse occasions has been guilty of conduct unbecoming a Time Lord.
The Doctor: Not guilty!
The Valeyard: He is also charged with, on diverse occasions, transgressing the First Law. It is my unpleasant task, Madam Inquisitor, to prove to the enquiry that the Doctor is an incorrigible meddler in the affairs of other peoples and planets.
The Inquisitor: Yes. I see, Valeyard, that it is on record that the Doctor has faced trial already for offences of this nature.
The Valeyard: That is so, my lady, and I shall contend that the High Council showed too great a leniency on that occasion.
The Inquisitor: Very well. Doctor, you've heard the charges. Do you wish to say anything before the enquiry proceeds?
The Doctor: Only that this whole thing is a farce. I am Lord President of Gallifrey. You can't put me on trial.
The Inquisitor: Doctor, since you willfully neglected the responsibility of your great office, you were deposed.
The Doctor: Oh. Is that legal?
The Inquisitor: Perfectly. But we won't hold it against you. Quite the contrary in fact. And to see that your interests are fully protected, I propose to appoint a court defender to represent you.
The Doctor: Ah, oh, er, thank you, but no thank you. I have been through several such inquiries before. I think it would be easier if I speak for myself.
The Inquisitor: The court notes the Doctor refuses the services of a court defender. Proceed, Valeyard.
The Valeyard: Inquisitor, I am not proposing to waste the time of the court by dwelling in detail on the activities of the accused.
The Doctor: Good.
The Valeyard: Instead, I intend to adumbrate two typical instances from separate epistopic interfaces of the spectrum. These examples of the criminal behaviour of the accused are fully recorded in the Matrix, the repository of all knowledge.
The Doctor: Objection.
The Inquisitor: I hear the accused. What is this objection?
The Doctor: The Matrix does not contain all knowledge. It merely contains all Time Lord knowledge.
The Inquisitor: It has long been accepted that the Matrix is the repository of all knowledge.
The Doctor: Well, that only shows the insular complacency of this society. How do you know that there isn't knowledge that you don't possess?
The Inquisitor: All that is known is within the Matrix.
The Doctor: Oh, a micro-organism in a drop of water might think it knows the universe. All it knows is that drop of water.
The Valeyard: I think this is merely a semantic point, my lady.
The Inquisitor: I agree. I find the objection of the accused to be not valid. Please continue.
The Valeyard: Thank you, my lady. (Everyone in the court turns to a screen high on the wall above the ranks of Time Lords.) I should like to begin with the Doctor's involvement in the affairs of Ravalox, a planet within the Stellian galaxy.
Trial Of A Time Lord Part 2: The Mysterious Planet Part 2
(Glitz, Peri and Dibber are watching the villagers put wood round the bottom of a stake.)
Dibber: What a terrible waste.
Glitz: You're telling me.
Dibber: No, I meant the wood. Now, if I was handling this execution I'd go to a bullet in the back of the head. Much more economical.
Peri: He has a point.
Glitz: Of all the sniveling screeves to be stuck with in my moment of need, I have to get you two.
Dibber: I know. Depressing, isn't it.
Trial Of A Time Lord Part 3: The Mysterious Planet Part 3
Glitz: You got the guns, then.
Dibber: Well, it looks like it, Mister Glitz.
Glitz: I'll tell you something funny, Dibber. We was wrong about the Doctor. He's bunked off.
Dibber: He hasn't bunked off. He's gone down there.
Glitz: What?
Dibber: I saw them as I came up. He had Peri with him.
Glitz: So, he is after what we are.
Dibber: Well, could be.
Glitz: Course he is. I knew it all along. He's got no more interest in the scientific side of things than I have.
Dibber: Well, you didn't fool him, telling him you're a philatelist, did you, mister Glitz?
Glitz: Philanthropist, you ignorant dink. Didn't you learn nothing in that remand home?
Dibber: Well, whatever the word, he guessed that you weren't one.
Glitz: Don't I look like a philanthropist?
Dibber: Well, how do I know? I've never seen one.
Glitz: A philanthropist, my son, is someone who gives away all their grotzits out of the simple goodness of their heart.
Dibber: Oh, you mean they're stupid? Oh yeah, you probably do look like one, then.
Trial Of A Time Lord Part 4: The Mysterious Planet Part 4
The Doctor: I didn't appear to be hurrying there, did I? But that deceptively easy gait of mine covers the ground at amazing speed.
The Inquisitor: I did not interrupt the evidence to commend you on your athleticism, Doctor.
The Doctor: Oh. Well, you can if you like. All compliments gratefully accepted.
The Inquisitor: And may I remind you yet again that this is a serious trial.
The Doctor: It is not serious! It's a farce! A farrago of trumped up charges.
The Inquisitor: You will have the opportunity in due course to rebut any or all of the Valeyard's charges.
The Doctor: Oh, the Valeyard's charges. I always thought Valeyard meant learned court prosecutor.
The Valeyard: And so it does.
The Doctor: Not in your case, sir. Your points of law are spurious, your evidence weak, verging on the irrelevant, and your reasoning quite unsound. In fact, your point of view belongs in quite another place. Perhaps the mantle of Valeyard was a mistake. I would therefore suggest that you change it for the garment of quite another sort of yard. That of the knackers' yard. For your argument is as tired and warn out as the poor, unfortunate creatures that end up there.
The Inquisitor: You will apologise at once!
The Doctor: For telling the truth? Never!
The Valeyard: The Doctor is well known for these childish outbursts. I do not find the ramblings of an immature mind offensive.
The Doctor: Immature?
The Valeyard: It is that particular state of mind that has made it necessary for you to be brought before this court.
The Doctor: Immature? I was on Ravalox trying to avert a catastrophe. The deaths of several hundred innocent people! Surely not even in the eyes of Time Lords can that be deemed either immature or a crime.
The Valeyard: The crime was in being there, Doctor! Your immaturity was in not realising you had broken a cardinal law of the Time Lords. Your presence initiated the whole chain of events that we have witnessed.
The Inquisitor: Thank you, Valeyard. It was that point about the relevance of the testimony that I had intended to raise.
The Valeyard: My pleasure, Inquisitor.
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Old 7th July 2019, 01:06 PM
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Default Image of the Day # 92

Colin Baker gets a kiss from Carmen Gomez (Anita) on location for The Two Doctors (1985)

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Old 8th July 2019, 05:34 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Trial Of A Time Lord Part 5: Mindwarp Part 1
The Valeyard: Members of the court, we have just witnessed a typical glorious escapade of the Doctor.
The Doctor: Madam! I ask that the court protect me from the abuse of the Brickyard here.
The Valeyard: How pathetic and juvenile are your attempts at humour.
The Inquisitor: Gentlemen, may I remind you this is a court of law, not a debating society for maladjusted, psychotic sociopaths. You will both conduct yourselves in an orderly manner and show proper respect for the judicial procedure. I hope I make myself very clear. (The Doctor and the Valeyard bow.) And Doctor, the prosecuting counsel's title is the Valeyard. Not the brickyard, backyard, knacker's yard or any other kind of yard. Again, do I make myself clear?
The Doctor: Piercingly and irrefutably so, madam.
The Inquisitor: Proceed.
The Valeyard: As I was saying, we have just witnessed a sequence in the Doctor's history which illustrated perfectly his almost gleeful pleasure in interfering in the development of alien life forms.
The Doctor: I object!
The Inquisitor: Sit down and shut up!
The Valeyard: Thank you, Sagacity.
The Doctor: Sagacity? You sycophant. Since when has that been a form of address used in a Gallifreyan court of law?
The Valeyard: I am simply showing respect to our learned Inquisitor.
The Inquisitor: An attitude I much approve.
The Doctor: Well, you would, wouldn't you? Sagacity, indeed.
Trial Of A Time Lord Part 6: Mindwarp Part 2
Sil: Doctor, the pleasure of your company is, of course, infinite, but why have you chosen to warn us rather than help your friends?
The Doctor: The odds were against us. Why should I risk my life for a savage and a stupid girl?
Sil: So you betrayed your friends. How wonderfully wise, Doctor.
The Doctor: I think so.
Sil: You are planning some trickery, of course. This is a ploy, yes?
The Doctor: Why should I follow a mad warlord of Thordon? What's in it for me, huh?
Sil: You value your life?
The Doctor: I'm no hero.
Sil: I could have sworn you belonged to that stupid breed.
The Doctor: Not any more. Now, I'm just like you, Sil.
Sil: How nice for you, Doctor. Inform Crozier and the Lord Kiv that I have captured the Doctor. (Sil's slave leaves.) The turncoat Doctor, it seems.
Trial Of A Time Lord Part 7: Mindwarp Part 3
The Valeyard: Just like that, my dear Doctor. A toady, a coward, a turncoat. You were afraid that Crozier wanted to transplant the brain of the alien Kiv into your head. You said as much yourself. The thought of that made you panic.
The Doctor: I've told you, it was a ploy. I would never want to harm Peri.
The Valeyard: But you've also admitted that you have no clear memory of the event.
The Doctor: Well, I can recall some of it. Bits of it are beginning to bob back into my mind.
The Valeyard: Oh, really? And does any of your sudden and convenient recall agree with anything that the court has already seen?
The Doctor: No! I mean yes, but, but the emphasis is all wrong.
The Valeyard: And what does that mean?
The Doctor: The events took place but not quite as we've seen them.
The Inquisitor: It occurs to me, Doctor, that your current mental condition makes it very difficult for you to defend yourself. I would therefore suggest that this court be adjourned.
The Doctor: No. And I refute any implication that I'm barmy.
The Inquisitor: Barmy?
The Valeyard: A rather imprecise Earth slang word, Sagacity, implying psychiatric instability.
The Inquisitor: Thank you, Valeyard. No one is impugning your sanity, Doctor, merely suggesting your memory is a little faulty.
The Doctor: Nevertheless, I would like this trial to continue.
The Inquisitor: I was also about to suggest that you might change your mind and consider availing yourself of a court defender. A trained legal mind would offer a more constructive and certainly less emotional presentation of your case.
The Doctor: If the Time Lords of Gallifrey want my life, you don't think I'd entrust my defence to one of their august number, do you?
Trial Of A Time Lord Part 8: Mindwarp Part 4
(Peri-Kiv wakes.)
Peri: Warm. Not cold. My body is warm. Wonderful. Legs. Toes. Toes wiggling. Trunk. A neck. Strong. A head free of pain. Eyesight. Colours. Warm blood inside. Oh, I like this. Now, I am she, alive within this oh so wonderful, wonderful frame, not that cold-blooded reptile thing. It must, must die.
Crozier: It already has. Welcome to your new body.
Sil: I wish you could have found a more attractive one.
(Outside, Yrcanos and Tuza deal with the two guards in their slow-ish motion fight. Yrcanos takes a phaser and bursts in.)
Yrcanos: Ragna!
(Yrcanos fires at Sil's cot. Peri-Kiv sits up.)
Peri: Protect me. I am your lord and master.
(Yrcanos stares at the bald Peri and aims the phaser at her.)
Yrcanos: No! No! No!
(He fires at everyone he can see as the picture blurs.)
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Old 8th July 2019, 11:37 AM
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Default Image of the Day # 93

Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith in 1975's The Sontaran Experiment

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Old 8th July 2019, 07:09 PM
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Couldn't resist this at B&M for a penny short of a tenner.

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Old 9th July 2019, 05:35 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Trial Of A Time Lord Part 9: Terror Of The Vervoids Part 1
Mel: Come on, Doctor. Come on, hurry.
The Doctor: How I keep up with you is a constant source of amazement to me.
Mel: No one sends a mayday call unless it's a matter of life and death.
The Doctor: Yes. Let's exercise the grey cells for once, shall we, rather than the muscles. (A guard is on the upper catwalk.) That was no ordinary mayday call. It was beamed specifically at the Tardis.
Mel: So it's from someone who knows you.
(A Mogarian ducks out of sight.)
The Doctor: In which case, why wasn't it signed?
Mel: Panic? Desperation. Well, we won't find out by hanging about in here, will we?
The Doctor: We won't go blundering into a trap, either.
Mel: I've never seen this side of you before. You're usually the one who goes charging in regardless.
The Doctor: Can't you sense it, Mel?
Mel: Sense what?
The Doctor: Evil. There's evil in this place. (A guard sneaks past some equipment.) I've got a better idea. Let's go to Pyro Shika, a fascinating planet
Mel: Doctor! (A guard is holding a weapon to Mel's head.) Doctor.
The Doctor: So much for your enthusiasm. Let me do the talking. (Another guard jabs his weapon into the Doctor's back.) Now listen, my man, I can explain. We're
Guard: Shut up. Move.
The Doctor: I said I can explain.
Guard: And I said move.
The Doctor: He did, didn't he.
Mel: You certainly talked us out of trouble there.
Trial Of A Time Lord Part 10: Terror Of The Vervoids Part 2
The Valeyard: Another death, Doctor? But for the caprice of chance, the victim would have been your companion, Mel. Your culpability is beyond question.
The Inquisitor: You could have prevented her from going into the cargo hold. Instead, you appear to encourage her.
The Doctor: When I viewed the Matrix earlier, that isn't what happened.
The Valeyard: More futile grasping at straws. When the facts tell against you, you cry fraud.
The Inquisitor: Do you wish to reconsider, Doctor?
The Doctor: No, madam. I am being manipulated, but the only way to discover why, and by whom, is to press on.
Trial Of A Time Lord Part 11: Terror Of The Vervoids Part 3
The Valeyard: Stop the Matrix. I fail to comprehend this evidence. The Doctor is on trial for his life, yet in his defence he presents us with a situation in which he is deliberately flouting accepted authority.
The Inquisitor: Much of your evidence does seem to contradict your stated aim, Doctor. Are you saying the Matrix is again being falsified?
The Doctor: No. And if the Valeyard would exercise the same restraint as I showed during his presentation of his case against me
The Valeyard: Ha!
The Doctor: And could suppress his bloodlust
The Inquisitor: Doctor! This court is dedicated to giving you a fair trial. Do not abuse its indulgence.
The Doctor: I apologise.
The Inquisitor: The Matrix, Doctor. I suggest we return to the Hyperion Three.
Trial Of A Time Lord Part 12: Terror Of The Vervoids Part 4
The Inquisitor: Did none of the unfortunate creatures survive, Doctor?
The Doctor: No, my lady. Had even a leaf survived and fallen on fertile soil, a Vervoid would have grown.
The Valeyard: Every Vervoid was destroyed by your ingenious plan.
The Doctor: Yes.
The Valeyard: Whether or not the Doctor has proved himself innocent of meddling is no longer the cardinal issue before this court. He has proved himself guilty of a far greater crime.
The Inquisitor: You refer to Article seven of Gallifreyan law?
The Doctor: No, my lady, that cannot apply! Had a single Vervoid reached Earth, the human race would have been eliminated!
The Valeyard: Article seven permits no exceptions. The Doctor has destroyed a complete species. The charge must now be genocide.
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Old 9th July 2019, 12:35 PM
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Default Image of the Day # 94

The Cybermen on the march in 2013's Nightmare in Silver.

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Old 9th July 2019, 05:17 PM
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Now watching my favourite episode of season 10 of the classic series.
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Old 9th July 2019, 06:05 PM
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Originally Posted by trebor8273 View Post
Now watching my favourite episode of season 10 of the classic series.
I think it's a very enjoyable season, one of Pertwee's best. Carnival of Monsters is a great idea and Planet of the Daleks is perfect comfort Doctor Who.

Frontier in Space is another example of Malcolm Hulke at his best. IMO, he has never written a bad Story, including Colony in Space. He's really one of very few major writers (major writers being ones that have written at least three or more Stories) that can equal or even surpass Robert Holmes: as good as Holmes was (and he was brilliant, near unmatched at his best), he does have a few dodgy or below average Stories to his name, The Krotons, The Space Pirates... The Deadly Assassin (I know, I'm sorry). My one major regret with this Story is how the Delgardo Master doesn't get a good send off. Not that it was the production teams fault, as far as they were aware he would be coming back for Endgame, before his tragic accident.

The Green Death. A perfect Story. Perfect acting from the regulars and guest actors. And an emotional farewell to one of the best companions ever. I only ever cry to this and the departures of Adric and Rose. Last time I watched it was no different. Before the Doctor drives off, he pauses for a second. You can see how he feels based on the face he's making. He's thinking, 'Its done. After the next Season, I'm leaving, its done. Roger's dead, Katy has now left, UNIT are becoming far less frequent and now Barry and Terrence have said they're leaving, so there's nothing left for me now.' A flawless scene and emotional as hell. He used what was going on behind the scenes to add to his performance and was able to carry on that performance into Season 11 perfectly. He's still the 3rd Doctor, but definitely toned down. That's a testament to Pertwee's solid skills as a great actor.

And I can't forget about The Three Doctors. It was lovely to see Patrick Troughton again and see Hartnell's long acting career come to and end with the part he loved. Best parts are when Pertwee and Troughton are onscreen with each other.
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Old 10th July 2019, 06:31 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Trial Of A Time Lord Part 13: The Ultimate Foe Part 1
The Doctor: In all my travellings throughout the universe I have battled against evil, against power-mad conspirators. I should have stayed here. The oldest civilisation, decadent, degenerate and rotten to the core. Ha! Power-mad conspirators, Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen, they're still in the nursery compared to us. Ten million years of absolute power, that's what it takes to be really corrupt.
Mel: Take it easy, Doc.
The Inquisitor: Doctor, these unseemly outbursts
The Doctor: Unseemly outbursts? If I hadn't visited Ravalox, as I then thought of it, the High Council would have kept this outrage carefully buried, as presumably they have for several centuries.
The Master [on screen]: I must agree. You have an endearing habit of blundering into these things, Doctor, and the High Council took full advantage of your blunder.
The Inquisitor: Explain that.
The Master [on screen]: They made a deal with the Valeyard, or as I've always known him, the Doctor, to adjust the evidence, in return for which he was promised the remainder of the Doctor's regenerations.
The Valeyard: This is clearly
The Doctor: Just a minute! Did you call him the Doctor?
The Master [on screen]: There is some evil in all of us, Doctor, even you. The Valeyard is an amalgamation of the darker sides of your nature, somewhere between your twelfth and final incarnation. And I may say, you do not improve with age.
The Doctor: Madam, this revelation should halt this trial immediately. Surely even Gallifreyan law must acknowledge that the same person cannot be both prosecutor and defendant.
The Inquisitor: The single purpose of this trial is to determine the defendant's guilt or otherwise on the basis of the evidence that has been presented. Anything else is, for the moment, irrelevant.
Trial Of A Time Lord Part 14: The Ultimate Foe Part 2
(With the final explosion from the Matrix, it all goes quiet. Everyone starts to sit up again. The Doctor runs in.)
The Doctor: Ah. Now, let me see. Where were we? I was about to be sentenced, I believe.
The Inquisitor: All charges against you are dismissed, Doctor. We owe you an immense debt of gratitude, which I can partly repay by telling you that the young woman, Miss Perpugilliam Brown, is alive and well and living as a warrior queen with King Yrcanos.
(We are shown Peri with a full head of hair standing with Yrcanos.)
The Doctor: Ah. Verumnic.
The Inquisitor: Now then, once law and order have been restored, a new High Council will need to be elected. Can I persuade you to stand for Lord President again?
The Doctor: Ah. Ah ha. I've a better idea.
Mel: He's going to suggest you stand.
The Doctor: Indeed I am. And were there such a thing as an intergalactic postal vote, you'd have mine.
Mel: I shouldn't broadcast that, if I were you.
The Doctor: Oh, you could do me one small favour, if you would.
The Inquisitor: Simply name it.
The Doctor: When the Matrix is restored, you can do what you like with the Master, but exercise leniency with Sabalom Glitz. He's not beyond redemption.
Mel: Just don't let him anywhere near the crown jewels.
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People try to put us down
Just because we get around

Golly, Gee! it's wrong to be so guilty
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