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Old 10th July 2019, 10:45 AM
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The on-going saga of K-9!

Despite being first mentioned back in October 2015...

...and then languishing in 'Development Hell until a new design in May 2017...

...and some casting news in July 2017...

...and a director being linked to the project in December 2017...

...and an update saying a major project in the pipeline to bring K9 back as the standalone hero that he deserves to be in September 2018...

the story refuses to die!

Doctor Who’s robot dog K9 to be hero of new spin-off series for children | The Daily Mirror

"Doctor Who’s robot dog K9 is set for a comeback in a new TV series for children.

The much-loved metal mutt, who first appeared in 1977 alongside fourth Doctor Tom Baker, will be the “standalone hero” in a major new project.

The series will see a re-designed K9, who appears to be a bit battle damaged, taking part in a space war.

A source revealed: “He’s going to look more industrial and be covered in rivets.”

K9, a play on the word canine, was originally created by Dave Martin and Bob Baker.

He has already featured in several spin-offs including K9 and Company in 1981.

He was revived for the 21st century reboot of Doctor Who with David Tennant in 2006 and appeared in The Sarah Jane Adventures from 2007.

An independent K9 series voiced by original actor John Leeson was produced in Australia in 2010 and shown on Disney XD and Channel 5.

Two companies are bidding for the latest spin-off, which will be produced in the UK.

Unless it is picked up for broadcast by the BBC, it is unlikely that any Doctor Who references will be permitted."

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Old 10th July 2019, 12:04 PM
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Default Image of the Day # 95

A portrait of the first Doctor as played by William Hartnell by Andrew Skilleter from 2005.

Attached Images
File Type: jpg The-First-Doctor.jpg (85.0 KB, 54 views)
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Old 11th July 2019, 06:08 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Time And The Rani – Part 1
(The Rani walks into the main part of her lair. The Doctor is lying across a square table, with a multicoloured but normal size umbrella by his outstretched left arm. She checks his pupil response and his heartbeats, then goes to a steep flight of stairs, presses a button to open the door at the top and starts to climb.)
The Doctor: No, no, Mel. (The Rani comes back, closes the door and returns to the Doctor. Suddenly he sits up.) That was a nice nap. Now, down to business. (The Doctor gets off the table.) I'm a bit worried about the temporal flicker in sector thirteen. There's a bicentennial refit of the Tardis to book in. I must just pop over to Centauri Seven and then perhaps a quick holiday. Right, that all seems quite clear. Just three small points. Where am I? Who am I? And who are you? The Rani! Stay back!
(He grabs his umbrella then steps back and falls down a short set of stairs. Sylvester is a very good clown-tumbler.)
The Rani: This is idiotic. You'll injure yourself.
The Doctor: Why should you care? Since you were exiled from Gallifrey, you've had nothing but contempt for all other Time Lords.
The Rani: My contempt started long before my exile.
The Doctor: And what do you want with me? And where's Mel?
The Rani: She's perfectly safe, but how long she remains so depends on you.
The Doctor: You're up to something. Perhaps I'll find the answer on this.
(The Doctor activates the screen in the middle of the table.)
The Rani: You won't recognise the planet. It's Lakertya, and there's no evidence that it's ever been graced by your meddling presence.
(The screen shows the planet from orbit then an asteroid. Alien characters come up.)
The Doctor: You're trying to deflect me, so the answer is on here. Quarks. One up, one down. One strange matter? That asteroid is composed of strange matter. What monstrous experiment are you dabbling in now?
The Rani: I didn't go to the trouble of bringing you here just to discuss the ethics of my work.
The Doctor: Ethics? Don't be such a hypocrite. Your past is littered with the mutilated results of your unethical experiments.
Time And The Rani – Part 2
The Doctor: I knew you weren't finished, Rani. I told Mel as much.
Mel: You told me?
The Doctor: No, Mel!
Mel: I am Mel. Who's the Rani?
The Doctor: Try looking in the mirror at the face of evil.
Mel: I've had enough of this drivel.
The Doctor: All right, compromise. Let me feel your pulse.
Mel: Don't touch me!
The Doctor: Ah, the proof of the pumpkin's in the squeezing.
Mel: You don't even talk like the Doctor, you miserable fraud.
The Doctor: Let me feel your pulse. Pulses, I should say. Two of them. One for each heart.
Mel: You're a raving lunatic.
The Doctor: Yes, perhaps I am, because if you're the Rani, I'm dicing with destruction.
Mel: And if I'm Mel?
The Doctor: Mel? The worst she'll do is give me carrot juice. Carrot juice? What made me think of that?
Mel: Well, perhaps the real Doctor told you. It was his favourite drink.
The Doctor: Favourite? I hate it.
Mel: Oh.
The Doctor: Ah, caught you out, haven't I.
Mel: But if you're the real Doctor, then why do you look like that?
The Doctor: I've regenerated, and I'm suffering from post-regenerative amnesia, as far as I can remember. Fair exchange is no mockery. You feel my pulses, I'll feel yours. I'll lean across here with my arm behind my back, if you want proof I'm a Time Lord. Come on.
(The Doctor holds his arm out across the table. Mel takes his pulses.)
Mel: A double pulse. Then you really are the Doctor.
The Doctor: That's what I've been trying to tell you. Now yours.
Mel: I know about regeneration, of course.
(The Doctor checks both her wrists.)
The Doctor: Mel?
Mel: But you're completely different. Nothing like you were. Face, height, hair, everything's changed.
The Doctor: Yes. And I've become more of a fool too, it seems, Mel. Doesn't bode well for my seventh persona, being so completely taken in by the wretched Rani.
Time And The Rani – Part 3
Ikona: Doctor, in my opinion, returning to the laboratory is a pointless exercise. I've a feeling Mel's beyond all help.
The Doctor: Oh, the Rani would never go to those extremes. She never does anything without reason.
Ikona: Well then, why the hologram? Why didn't she just release Mel?
The Doctor: A bird in the hand keeps the Doctor away.
Ikona: You're probably right.
The Doctor: Only on this occasion, it'll have the opposite affect.
Time And The Rani – Part 4
The Doctor: Memory like a dromedary. (The Doctor produces the ornate bottle he took from the Rani's table.) An antidote against those killer insects in the globe. The Rani always takes out an insurance policy.
(The Doctor hands it to Ikona, who removes the stopper and pours the liquid onto the ground.)
Mel: You're impossible. Why did you do that?
Ikona: Tell her, Faroon.
Faroon: Ikona believes that our people should meet their own challenges, if they are to survive.
The Doctor: Well, time and tide melts the snowman.
Mel: Waits for no man.
The Doctor: Who's waiting? I'm ready.
Mel: You're certainly going to take a bit of getting used to.
The Doctor: I'll grow on you, Mel. I'll grow on you.
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Old 11th July 2019, 10:58 AM
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Default Image of the Day # 96

Roger Delgado as the Master in his first televised appearance - Terror of the Autons (1971)

Attached Images
File Type: jpg p01b871l.jpg (86.5 KB, 47 views)
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Old 11th July 2019, 02:27 PM
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Finished watching the green death and the three doctors. Now watching carnival of monsters.
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Old 12th July 2019, 06:12 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Paradise Towers – Part 1
(Tilda has finished her snack and has taken up her knitting.)
Tilda: Of course, in the old days things were very different, weren't they, Tabby.
Tabby: Oh, very different, Tilda.
Mel: So what happened?
Tabby: Well, my memory's not what it was, but one thing followed another and before we knew where we were, we were in the pickle we are today.
Tilda: Now everybody has to fend for themselves, take what they can find. Have another cake, Mel dear. Go on.
Mel: All right, then. So you were here from the beginning then?
Tabby: Oh yes, dear, yes. Ever since the Great architect finished Paradise Towers and all the youngsters and all the oldsters were moved here.
Mel: And the rest, the in-betweens?
Tabby: Oh, well, I don't quite recall, but I think they had some else to do. A war to fight or something. All such a long time ago. I often wonder whether we won that war or not.
Tilda: I don't suppose we'll ever know now, Tabby.
Tabby: No, I don't suppose we will, Tilda.
Mel: Do you know anything about a swimming pool?
Tilda: A swimming pool? No, I don't think so. I've never heard of one. Have you, Tabby?
Tabby: No, I haven't, Tilda. No. Oh, you'd be far better off to stay here with us. Wouldn't she, Tilda?
Tilda: Oh yes, Tabby. She can eat and eat till her heart's content and get nice and plump and healthy, safe from those nasty Kangs.
Mel: It is very kind of you both, but I'm afraid I will have to go once I've finished my tea. It's very important.
Tilda: Oh, nonsense. There's no rush, dear. Finish your cake.
Tabby: No, we'll be very offended if you rush off so quickly. Won't we, Tilda?
Mel: Well, just a few more minutes, maybe.
Tilda: That's it, dear. There's plenty of time.
Tabby: All the time in the world. Make the most of the peace and quiet.
(There is a loud knock at the door which makes them all jump. A young man batters his way in and produces a hand gun.)
Pex: Are these old ladies annoying you?
Mel: No!
Pex: Are you annoying these old ladies?
Tilda + Tabby: No, she isn't.
Pex: Oh.
(He lowers his gun.)
Tilda: And I do wish you would stop breaking through our door to try and save us.
Tabby: That's the third time we've had it repaired, and it's not though if we've ever been in any trouble.
Tilda: Apart from bits of door flying about all over the place.
Mel: Look, who exactly are you?
Pex: The name is Pex. I put the world of Paradise Towers to rights.
Paradise Towers – Part 2
The Doctor: Shall I tell you what puzzles me most? Those cleaners we had so much trouble with. Well, presumably they're part of the organisation of Paradise Towers like your Caretakers. So why should they attack you? (Neither the Deputy or the other Caretaker guarding him answer.) And another thing. I don't know why you're so keen to kill off the Great Architect. I thought you'd be delighted to have him here to put things to rights. It doesn't make sense. Does it? (silence) I'd hate to have to live my life by some boring old rulebook like you do. You must get fed up. Well, do you?
Deputy: No.
The Doctor: Never?
Deputy: Never.
The Doctor: I suppose how you guard me is in that rulebook.
Deputy: Yes. Rule forty five B stroke two subsection five.
The Doctor: I wouldn't mind having a look at that rulebook, if that's not against the rules. I mean, after all, I am a condemned man.
Deputy: Hmm. (The Deputy consults the rule book.) Yes, we can count that as your last request. You're entitled to one if you're to undergo a three two seven appendix three subsection nine death. Not a pretty way to go.
(The Deputy passes over the rule book and the Doctor leafs through it.)
The Doctor: How extraordinary. No, no. It can't be true.
Deputy: What's that?
The Doctor: Oh no, no. It's. You couldn't possibly.
Deputy: If it's there, it's true. Rules are rules. Orders are orders.
The Doctor: If you say so. I don't want to make a fool of you.
Deputy: Read out what it says.
The Doctor: Oh, very well, but I find it hard to credit
Deputy: Read it!
The Doctor: It says here about a three two seven appendix three subsection nine death, that after you've been guarding the condemned prisoner for (checks his wristwatch) thirty five minutes, you must all stand up.
Deputy: But if we
The Doctor: Yes, I know, I know, I find it extraordinary. I don't really expect you to do it. But it is in there. (The Deputy and the Caretaker stand up.) The Caretakers present must then move five paces away from the prisoner. (They do so.) Five. Close their eyes and put their hands above their head.
(The Doctor tiptoes up to the back of the Deputy and carefully picks his trouser pocket, removing his wallet containing a selection of cards.)
Deputy: How long do we do this for?
The Doctor: For about a minute and a half. You see, that's how long the prisoner needs.
(The Doctor takes his umbrella from the Caretaker.)
Deputy: To do what?
The Doctor: Find the key card to the door and escape.
Deputy: Sorry?
The Doctor: Find the key card to the door and escape.
(The second one works.)
Deputy: Rules should always make sense. Why should we allow a prisoner
(He turns to see the door open slightly as the Doctor pulls his umbrella free.)
Paradise Towers – Part 3
(Tilda and Tabby are busy in the kitchenette.)
Mel: Look, a joke's a joke, but this gone on long enough.
Tilda: Mel dear, I do think by now you should be appreciating that though Tabby and myself are not averse to a humourous remark now and then, no joke was intended. (Tilda stands over Mel with a carving knife while Tabby stirs a large cooking pot.) See if you can spot the basil.
Tabby: Oh, it's here somewhere, dear. Here we are. (Mel sees a Cleaner claw come up the waste disposal pipe, and screams.) Oh, what is it, dear?
Mel: There's something wrong with the waste disposal unit.
Tabby: No, don't talk nonsense, dear. It always makes that funny noise.
Mel: I think something's coming up in it.
Tabby: Don't be silly, dear.
Tilda: We'd better make sure, Tabby.
Tabby: Oh, very well, dear. (Tabby goes over to the kitchen sink.) No, I can't see anything.
(She turns her back, and a Cleaner claw comes out of the unit in the wall and grabs her by the neck.)
Tilda: Tabby! Tabby! (Tilda runs over, and gets there just as Tabby's feet disappear into the unit.) Tabby! Oh, what a naughty little girl we are. Looks as though butter wouldn't melt in her mouth and now she's killed poor dear Tabby!
Mel: It wasn't me, Tilda. It was the thing in the waste disposal.
Tilda: Fibbing now, is it? I hate little fibbers.
Paradise Towers – Part 4
(The Kangs kneel around their monument, Red and Blue alternate, watched by Rezzies and Caretakers.)
Bin Liner: Hail Pex. Hail the unalive who gave his life for the Towers. In life he was not a Kang but in death he was brave and bold as a Kang should be.
Kangs: Hail Pex. Hail the unalive. Hail Pex. Hail the unalive.
Mel: Poor Pex.
The Doctor: Indeed, poor Pex. But look, Mel, they're all here. The Caretakers, the Rezzies, the Kangs. This would never have happened before. Perhaps now they'll all start working together. (Fire Escape, Bin Liner and the Blue Kang leader join the Doctor and Mel.) Ah, Fire Escape. Now, have you managed to remove the Kang wallscrawls from the Tardis as you promised?
Fire Escape: Build high for happiness, Doctor.
(She gives him his umbrella.)
The Doctor: Oh, thank you very much.
Blue Kang: We're sorry you must go, Doctor and Mel. We've made you an honorary Kang, Doctor.
The Doctor: Oh, a Blue Kang or a Red Kang?
(The Blue Kang holds out a blue scarf. Fire Escape turns it over to reveal a red side.)
Fire Escape: Both.
The Doctor: Ah, well I'll be honoured to wear it.
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Old 12th July 2019, 11:21 AM
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Default Image of the Day # 97

Resolution (2019)

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Old 13th July 2019, 12:57 AM
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I watched Mindwarp episode 1 today.

As usual, the courtroom scenes are good. The Doctor and Peri arriving on Thoros Beta is beautiful. Potentially the most visually beautiful shot in the classic series actually, just as the TARDIS materialises.But you know whats the visually scary thing in this whole show? Dorf, the guy that got experimented on, looks terrifying. The make-up he has applied to him make him look like a wolf/human hybrid looks so convincing. Its a shame, cause he's a good guy.

I've seen it before, but if I were basing it on episode 1 alone, I'd rather watch this than most of the era before it, the Davidson era, bar Earthshock and Androzani, and over several of the (Tom) Bakers and McCoys as well.

I don't understand the issue people have with Trial of a Timelord nowadays. Back then yes, I get it completely. Season 23 was savaged and mauled mercilessly at the time for presenting us a "season long" version of a "story arc", which they felt certain no viewer could ever be expected to cope with. When it was released on VHS, the nature of the season meant it had to be released as "a season boxed set", which again was an anomaly compared to "proper Dr Who" releases. Most people would have felt it unlikely any fan would want to "binge watch" the set and even when it got a DVD season boxed set release around 11 or 12 years ago, critics assured us it was a horrible thing only ardent fans would tolerate.

Now, of course, people buy season boxed sets of much longer seasons which contain much more complex season length story arcs and they binge watch them all the time, it's all common practice now. So, season 23 was ahead of its time and accurately shaped itself to fit the path of TV drama's future. In retrospect, what it was shamed for at the time, now seems impressive and prescient.

I loved it the first time round and I'm loving it more the 2nd time. Massively ahead of its time, well produced and very under-rated. I think it may actually be the best and most consistent Season from the 80's. Yes 18 has State of Decay, 19 has Earthshock, 20 has Enlightenment, 21 has Caves of Androzani, 22 has Vengeance on Varos, 24 has Dragonfire, 25 has Rememberance of the Daleks and 26 has Curse of Fenric, but they're isolated great Stories, sometimes surrounded by weaker Stories, which cripples those Seasons.
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Old 13th July 2019, 05:41 AM
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Doctor Who will battle Cybermen once again in 'darker and scarier' new series | Daily Mirror

"Doctor Who will battle old villains the Cybermen in a plot that is the stuff of classic horror.

Jodie Whittaker’s Time Lord clashes with them in the 19th century in a “darker” new series out next year.

And the plot involves the part-human, part-machine monsters inspiring author Mary Shelley to write iconic horror novel Frankenstein.

A source said: “This new run is much scarier than Jodie’s first year and will *definitely put the frighteners on fans. Things are about to get darker for the Doctor.”

The Cybermen have not been seen since they shot Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor in 2017, causing him to regenerate as Whittaker. They first appeared alongside original Time Lord William Hartnell in 1966."
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Old 13th July 2019, 06:09 AM
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Doctor Who over the years: Episode quotes
Delta And The Bannermen – Part 1
Keillor: What an unexpected bonus. You're the traveller in time they call the Doctor. Your death will make me richer still.
The Doctor: If you kill for money, let the girl go. She's worth nothing to you.
Keillor: I don't just kill for money. It's also something I enjoy.
Delta And The Bannermen – Part 2
Burton: Now, let me try and get this right. Now, are you telling me that you are not the Happy Hearts Holiday Club from Bolton, but instead are spacemen in fear of an attack from some other spacemen, and because of the danger, you want me to evacuate the entire camp?
The Doctor: An excellent summary, Mister Burton. Now, if you start right away, then we'll be able to get them to safety.
Burton: Oh well, if that is all that is needed, it should be easy. Oh, by the way, can we have space buns and tea afterwards? Or don't they drink tea on Mars?
The Doctor: I thought you might be a little skeptical. What can I do to convince you?
Burton: Oh, this is a waste of time, Doctor.
The Doctor: Listen, Mister Burton. If you don't act right away, innocent people will die! I will do whatever I can to convince you I'm not suffering from some sort of delusion.
Burton: All right, Doctor. Dan das sochivy.
Ray: Meinwyr, meinwyr.
Burton: How about showing us your spaceship, eh?
Ray: Oh, can I come too, Doctor?
The Doctor: Of course, but let's go quickly.
Delta And The Bannermen – Part 3
The Doctor: Way hey. Ah, Mister Burton. Thank you for saving Mel's life.
Burton: No, thank you, Doctor. I haven't had such a shindig since I went buffalo hunting in Africa. Oh, it's a ferocious brute, you know, the buffalo.
Goronwy: 1928, hibiscus blossom.
(The Doctor takes the proffered jar of honey.)
The Doctor: Oh, what a sweet gesture. Oh, you're more than a collector, Goronwy. You're a man of taste.
Burton: Oh, good heavens. The Skegness Glee Club, and I haven't got any staff. (A charabanc pulls up.) Oh, I'll have to go. Goodbye, my dear.
Mel: Goodbye.
(Burton runs over to his customers.)
Burton: Ah, welcome, campers. Now I am your camp leader while you are at Shangri La. My name is Burton.
The Doctor: I believe this is your satellite, gentlemen.
(It is hanging up on the camp fence. The Doctor gestures for Mel to get into the Tardis, then raises his hat to Goronwy and follows her.)
Weismuller: We did it! We actually did it, Hawk.
Hawk: It's wonderful! It's wonderful!
Weismuller: Thanks, Doctor.
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