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  1. Award season 2023: Worst and Best - The Razzies and The Oscars
  2. Films where the scenario became mirrored in the real world e.g. Forbidden Planet
  3. Award season 2022: Worst and Best - The Razzies and The Oscars
  4. Hong Kong Films under threat
  5. The Film Locations Thread
  6. Award season 2021: Best And Worst - The Oscars and The Razzies
  9. My horror charts...
  10. British Cinema
  11. Cinema Memories
  12. Before they were famous. Early appearances
  13. Your 2019 in Film
  14. Cult Film Documentaries?
  15. Favourite Movie Scenes
  16. The Best (And Worst) Bootleg DVD Covers Thread
  17. FILM RESTORATION THREAD - rumours and confirmation
  18. Which films have you "Double Dipped" on?
  19. Disc replacement programmes
  20. Films with alternative versions \ endings
  21. Your 2018 in Film
  22. Storing of your DVDs/Blu rays into film sections
  23. 2018-A Year to Catch up on some classics
  24. The Ultra HD Blu-ray Thread
  25. Walt Disney buys Murdoch's Fox for $52.4bn
  26. Your Favourite Double/Triple Bill Films
  27. Favourite Movie Tag Lines.
  28. Pointless Film Sequels
  29. Lindsay Shonteff
  31. What Films Have You Seen the Most?
  32. Your 2017 in Film
  33. What was your worst film of 2016?
  34. One film from every year 1968 to present day
  35. The 21st century's 100 greatest films
  36. Metrodome to Enter Administration
  37. The Reviews Tip Thread.
  38. Behind The Scenes Photos
  39. Awesome Artwork. Awful Movie!
  40. Worst Ever Movie Ideas
  41. Your 2016 in Film
  42. Your worst cinema experience
  43. Anthology films
  44. Your 2015 in Film
  45. Your Christmas Movies! Whatcha' Watchin' this Christmas season?
  46. Top Ten Tuesdays
  47. Easter eggs
  48. How many films do you watch in a year?
  49. LEGEND Brian Helgeland 2015/The Krays Thread
  50. Generational changes
  51. Favourite Characters
  52. The Premature Death of Physical Media and the Cult Home Video Labels Keeping It Alive
  53. CGI Opinions
  54. Favourite Films as a Child (that were in no way aimed at children)
  55. Real 3D Bluray recommendations
  56. Scottish Cinema
  57. Favourite Films of the Decade So Far
  58. Movie 'Nerds' In Movies
  59. Most Dangerous Films Ever Made!
  60. Confess Your Movie Sins!
  61. The Jammy Beggar Thread
  62. Don't Remake Ever!
  63. Best British Films Of Each Decade?
  64. Summery Movies
  65. Laurence Fishburne
  66. Killer Rabbits!
  67. Your Top Cult Films
  68. Favourite Films of 2014
  69. The Future Of Cinema
  70. Which Film Would You Like To Live In?
  71. Poll: Greatest Country For Cult Films?
  72. Is It Any Good?
  73. Heavy Metal Movie Stars
  74. Sequels That Are Better Than The Original?
  75. Weapons of Choice
  76. What's Missing on Blu-ray?
  77. WWE Movies
  78. What Documentaries Do You Recommend?
  79. Fav Film Trailers
  80. Arrow Poster Postcards
  81. Recommend Me a Film!
  82. Guilty Sequel Pleasures
  83. Region Free?
  84. Cinema's Coolest Baddies
  85. Seperating the art from the artist
  86. Fav Movie Quotes
  87. Is There Such Thing As A Perfect Film?
  88. Rick Melton Spills His Guts!
  89. Rick's Deadly Spawn Artwork
  90. Up and Coming Films
  91. Best Opening Sequence
  92. Classic Films You Love To Hate
  93. Your First Cinema Film
  94. Worst Remake Of All Time?
  95. Upcoming Non-UK DVD Thread
  96. Favourite Non-Horror movies of the EIGHTIES!
  97. Favourite Non-Horror movies of the SEVENTIES
  98. Is it Worth Buying?
  99. What's your favourite moments in your favourite movies?
  100. Psychoanalysis: Maybe a knife is just a knife?
  101. The Absolute Worst Films of All Time!
  102. The Michael Reeves Tribute Thread
  103. Annoying Actors
  104. Bill Forsyth King of the 'Whimsy'
  105. Upcoming UK DVD Thread
  106. DVD Shelving/Cabinets
  107. Cult Labs Compare!
  108. Elvis
  109. The French DVD and Blu-ray Thread
  110. Favourite Childhood TV and Films
  111. The Italian DVD Thread
  112. Disc Rot
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  115. Closet Film Favourites
  116. Upcoming UK Blu-ray Releases
  117. What Have You Bought Recently?
  118. SOO Bad it's Good!
  119. Public safety/information films
  120. Things you find unbearable in movies
  121. All Time Favourite Film(s)
  122. Show Us Yours!
  123. Favourite Aussie Film?
  124. What Films Have You Seen Recently?